Hexbug Nano On Sale On Amazon


Hexbug Nano Searching for Hexbug Nanos on Amazon the other day, I discovered they are on sale for just $1.88.  Of course, the shipping is something like $3.98, making it a total of $5.96 before tax – but that’s why better than $12.99/ea plus shipping.

Order the Hexbug Nano (Colors May Vary)

Do you have a Hexbug Nano for your kitty?  Does s/he like it?  Also, these aren’t made as cat toys – so be sure to pick them up and put them away when you’re not supervising your kitty’s play.

Charlie and Trigg received a Hexbug from their breeder to play with:

And other readers have told me how much their cats like them – they are great fun to put in a bathtub and see what your kitty will do. Much like the Robo Fish in a tub of water.


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  1. This looks like a fantastic little toy. I have never heard of them. We have carpet all over in this apartment – maybe we will move again. The bathtub idea is good, but when we put a ping pong ball in the tub for Alice, the noise was way too loud for us (and probably the downstairs neighbor!).

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