Hepper Satellite Lounge in White

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Hepper Satellite Lounge in White

Cats spend approximately 16 hours per day of sleeping. Why not provide them with a bed that offers a place to lounge, relax, play, hide and sleep?

Hepper's Satellite Lounge is a stainless steel cat bed that offers maximum comfort for cats.

The Satellite Lounge is composed of a durable dark grey powder coated steel frame and can be adjusted into different angles whichever your bicolor Ragdoll cat prefers.

Hepper Satellite Lounge

The bed itself has a white poly microfiber liner (which reverses into grey with white trim) that is stuffed with a poly fill for softness. The liner can be washed in cold water and then air dried.

The liner and the frame are both made in the USA while the bed is imported. The overall bed size is 22" across and 8" deep.

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Get the Hepper Satellite Lounge in White for $139.

What can you say about Hepper's Satellite Lounge compared to other beds for cats? Share your thoughts in our forum or you may leave us a comment below.


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