Hepper NomNom Dish in Grey

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Hepper NomNom Dish in GreyHepper's NomNom Dish is a cat food dish that has two bowls in it. It can hold any kind of cat food, whatever your bicolor Ragdoll prefers – be it a dry or wet one.

The dishes are made from food safe stainless steel while the tray is made from Polypropylene plastic and is recyclable.

Both the dishes and the tray are dishwasher safe (top rack only). Be sure to wash all parts with warm soapy water before cat's use. The wide lip of the tray was intentionally designed to catch food crumbs and water drips or spills.

You can get the  Hepper NomNom Dish in Grey for $39.

What other cat food bowls does your cat have? Do you prefer buying metal or ceramic bowls over the plastic ones?

We would love to know your opinions and share them with other cat owners in our Ragdoll cat forum or you may leave us a comment below. Check out our Ragdoll Cat Guide and know more on cat care.

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