Hepper NomNom Dish in Blue

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Hepper NomNom Dish in BlueHepper NomNom Dish is a 2 in 1 cat food bowl. It has a dish with two bowls in it – one for the food and the other for water.  Or, heck, use them both for food.

The bowl is designed in an elevated, raised form to provide a comfortable position and level eating for your Seal Ragdoll.

Hepper NomNom Dish has a wide lip tray on the outer side to protect your floors from messy cat snacks and water spills.

This item includes two dishes which are made from food safe stainless steel, while the tray is made from durable PP plastic.

The dishes are dishwasher safe. Product dimensions: 16" W x 9" D x 2" H.

Purchase Hepper NomNom Dish in Blue for $39.

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