Hepper Itch Cat Scratcher

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Hepper Itch Cat ScratcherCats are natural scratchers. If you love cats and are planning to get one or two, the first thing to do is to have cat scratch furniture ready in your home or else, no matter how lovely and adorable that cat is, he/she will definitely pick out your favorite sofa or furniture to scratch on if you don't provide an alternative.

A scratching post is essential for cats for scratching keeps them healthy. They scratch to stretch and exercise.

Hepper Itch is a cardboard cat scratcher that is designed in an arc shape which offers a better position for scratching.

Hepper Itch Cat ScratcherIt has a 2 1/2" thick brown corrugated cardboard in the middle that serves as the scratch surface. It is enclosed by a frame made of natural Baltic Birch Plywood.

The scratcher can be positioned into 2 ways – Up (21" high) or Down (15" high at the top). The overall size of the Hepper Itch is 13"W x15"D x 21"H. The scratch surface is 12" wide.

Get Hepper Itch Cat Scratcher for $89.

Does your cat already own this scratcher? What are your observations about it? Share your cat's stories in our Ragdoll Cat forum or you may leave a comment below.

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