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HepperHepper is a pet products company that specializes in manufacturing innovative, cool and functional cat items. 

The entire Hepper line was created by award-winning industrial designer Jed Crystal.

Hepper products include: the Pod Bed; NomNom Dish; Satellite Lounge; and the Itch Cat Scratcher.

The Hepper Pod Bed is a bed that offers the security of a cave at the same time a place to reign supreme with its mountain top position. The bed is available in green and grey. Ideal for cats and dogs of 10-12 pounds.

The Hepper Satellite Lounge is a perfect place for cats to relax, lounge, and take a nap. It embodies a microfiber liner that is stuffed with poly fill for your bicolor ragdoll cat's maximum comfort feeling. The lounge is available in burgundy, white, and blue.

The Hepper NomNom Dish is a food bowl that offers a new way of healthy eating. The dishes are made from food safe stainless steel while the wide lip tray is made from PP Plastic. Dishwasher safe and is offered in colors of orange, blue, and grey.

Last but not the least is the Hepper Itch Cat Scratcher. The scratcher is built with a Baltic Birch Plywood frame that embraces a recycled 2 1/2" thick corrugated cardboard. Hepper's Itch is designed in a perfect arc shape position to offer better scratching. Scratch area is 12" wide; overall size is 13"W x 15"D x 21"H.

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