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We have a 4 your old male Ragdoll that has become territorial and we have tried everything. He has been wonderful up until a couple months ago…reason…I have had triplets and they are now 18 months old and are mobile and he likes to lay on the floor etc and doesn’t move when they come running around. Now they don’t step on him but we believe he is threatened in a way and that is why he is on the defense all the time. We have tried everything thinking maybe he was uncomfortable etc but nothing seems to work. :((( We thought maybe he was sick but that was also ruled out. We are hoping to find him a GREAT home with NO children so he can sleep in peace, where ever and whenever he wants. We are located in south Texas.
If anyone is interested I will send pictures and all info. Thank you!

Sonni is a very smart cat who loves to snuggle next to you when you are lounging on the couch or in bed. Every morning he gets a little closer and purrs his little heart out. However, this is very hard to think about, but we need to find him a good home with no small children.
Sonni is a 4 year old Ragdoll that has become territorial…reason?… We have tried everything however we came to the conclusion that he just doesn’t like kids. :((( We have ruled out all other possibilities. We
are not sure why but because of it we need to find a safe, good home for him with NO small children. If interested you can email me at carrie0300@gmail.com. I will send pictures and answer any questions you might have.

Kitty’s Name: Sonni
Name: Carrie
Where: Texas
E-mail: carrie0300@gmail.com

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