Help Our Military Have Their Pet To Come Home To! – Help Maintain Operation Noble Foster

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Last September 23, 2001, Operation Noble Foster was officially launched by the Purebred Cat Breed Rescue staff with the desire to help the US Military and paramilitary personnel retain ownership of their cats, have these pets cared for in a loving manner in an individual foster home while their owners are out rendering their services to the government, and have these cats returned to their owners once their owners returned. During that same time, Purebred Cat Breed Rescue staff suggested and encouraged to provide a similar service for non-cat pets.

Since that time, more than 6,000 people have signed up with Operation Noble Foster volunteering to take care of the cats and more than 5,500 military-owned cats have been fostered. Very much thankful was all our military owners have felt and on the other hand, the foster volunteers were also proud to have made it possible for there to be many happy reunions together with the military and paramilitary owners after their service.

Operation Noble Foster

And now, the Operation Noble Foster is calling out to all our citizens out there, the need for this service program needs to continue and they still need many more fosters to volunteer (ESPECIALLY in Southern California) to handle the steady flow as some previous volunteers have had life changes precluding their continued participation in the program.

They need our help to advertise the service, everyone can help by printing out more of their brochures and sending them out to volunteers who can distribute them in different areas or at cat shows. Here are the procedures on how all of us can help:

Please help by distributing the information on and offline. Post the flyers at your place of work, your place of worship and other locations where you think it will be seen. You can download the flyer: [.pdf]

They also have a trifold pamphlet. If you are distributing at a large venue or need a number of pamphlets, please contact Purebred Cat Breed Rescue for copies to be mailed.

If you are considering volunteering to foster for 1-24 months, you can find out more information here and fill-in the foster sign-up form. You can also browse their website for FAQs and more about the service program.

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The organization needs help with the cost of maintaining their website and database; providing pamphlets for distribution; and for the printing costs of the flyers. (All donations are tax deductible.)

All of us can help in many ways. Be it financially, physically, mentally, spiritually or even the simplest way by just spreading the word. Let’s share our blessings and help out those in need.

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