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Submitted Sep 24, 2019
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image1
First day home! Did you know I had blue eyes, mom? That is it, I am a goner.
In a prior Floppycats Kitten of the month I told you about my boy Hendricks and how his half-brother was coming to live with us in a few months. Well our second baby is here! He was born April 10, 2019. Meet the little nugget we call Hayden (Hayden on the Rocks is his official name!). hmmmmm….Hayden, Hendricks, and Martini….sense a theme there? LOL!
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image2
Chillaxin’ in his new home on day 2
Hayden and Hendricks both have the same dad from Willetteragdolls in Massachusetts (Babyblueeyes Maurice Mathmeew), but different mothers. Both boys have similar traits (floppy, big, calm, affectionate) but different personalities! I can’t say enough positive things about Bette and her kittens! Hayden is a cuddle bug and a bit less independent than his brother. He follows you around the house all the time like a puppy bringing you some toys that he has conquered so you can see how fabulous a hunter he is. Every morning he jumps up on the bed and ‘spoons’ with me. He is a very loud purr machine, and if you don’t pet him then, he will make sure you do by holding onto your hands with both paws and nibbling on your nose. He gets along fabulously with his brother Hendricks and my 15-year old senior Ragdoll Martini. For those of you Floppycat followers out there who have a senior cat and wonder what it will be like to have a new kitten, get two kittens. My breeder recommended this to me. Having two kittens has helped my older cat tremendously and the babies roughhouse with each other and leave him alone. Two new kittens have made Martini act a bit younger and happier for sure as I catch him chasing the youngin’s around the house now and then too (and it sounds like a heard of elephants running around!).
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image4
Caught in a ‘pre-pounce’ maneuver (Hendricks is on the floor)
Hayden is very smart and was the first of the babes to figure out that the kitchen island is where mom and dad make meals (see photo). Everything smells delicious up there….but he knows a low slow ‘No’ from mom means something is off limits (like jumping on the counter) so he just sits on the counter stool peeking at us chop and prep dinner! He is so well behaved at so young an age!
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image3
‘Hey good lookin’, what cha got cookin’?” Trouble here. One of my favorite pictures of him!
I don’t really know how this happened but holy cow…Hayden came to us at 3 pounds and is now almost 10 pounds and isn’t yet 6 months old! He is close in weight to his older brother Hendricks who is 11.5 pounds and he catching up to Hendricks quickly. Needless to say the UPS guy is getting a workout when the online pet food delivery comes to the house…
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image5
He loves his turbo scratcher. Look at those blue eyes!
Hayden is a seal mitted boy with an adorable little star on his forehead and a little snip of white on his nose (I am not sure of the kitty terminology, but I am going on how horse face patterns are identified). I am a lover of bicolor seal ragdolls, but man this little pumpkin is cute as a button with his star/snip. When Bette showed him to me when I picked him up the first day, I let out a gasp as he was just a cutie patootie with that face! He doesn’t really meow either…to get your attention you will hear a squeak or two from the nugget who is at your feet. It just adds to the adorableness. His favorite toys are his butterfly machine, turbo scratching pad with the ball, kitty twinkles and dad’s socks. He actually steals the clean ones from the laundry basket and does hind end foot boxing with them. As I said, he is a smart kitten…..he stays away from the dirty stinky socks!
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month image6
How can I resist not rubbing this belly? And he knows I am weak when he does this!
Hayden - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_0885
at 7 months
I hope you enjoy the photos! This little boy is just fabulous! We love him to death!
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  1. Bette Willette says:

    Awe thanks so much . We work very hard for our parents. Breeding for health , personality and beauty in that order ❤️

  2. Congratulations on your new little buds, I am from Massachusetts and have meet Bette, when I took a friend to pick up her kitten. She is amazing and her kittens are just the best.

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