Have You Used Cat Claw Covers?

Trigg wearing soft claws
Trigg wearing soft claws

Trigg and Charlie dawned some pink and purple cat claw covers when they spent time at my parents’ house when I was trying to adopt out a cat that I found on the side of CVS Pharmacy. It looked like someone painted their toenails. They were so cute and didn’t seem to mind at all. Have you tried soft claws for your kitty?

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  1. I LOVE claw caps, one of my friends uses them and they’re amazing! I’m planning on getting pink, Halloween, and Christmas-colored ones for my future kitty. 😀

  2. Lisa Barrett says:

    We put them on our Tortie and she immediately plopped down and proceeded to gnaw off every single one. We didn’t try to replace them but perhaps we should have. I think they’re a terrific tool if you have a cat that isn’t quite as ornery as our Stella.

  3. Where have I been, I haven’t heard of these before, but I’m intrigued. The kitties on the site don’t seem to mind at all – thanks so much for pointing them out :))

  4. Yes, I have used them and actually just bought more for my Maine Coon, Mari, who unfortunately, was declawed by someone who then turned her out. She had no defense at all. So sad, but now she is a happy housecat. She tends to jump and her back claws dig in the leather sofa. They stay on for about a month with her (variable depending on how fast your cat’s claws grow), and she doesn’t mind them a bit.
    Did try to put some on our dog (boxer) because her nails are so thick and dig into everything, but she ended up chewing every single one of them off. Nevertheless, it was good to try at least. Love them!

  5. Susan D. Smith says:

    I notice that they come in sizes – how do you determine which size is appropriate?

    1. I believe they have weight guidelines online or breed guidelines. I think I got medium. Just put them on them again today!

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