Have You Used an Animal Communicator?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Holly Jacobs, animal communicator, and Murphy
Holly Jacobs, animal communicator, and Murphy

A year or so ago, I did a lot of interviews with animal communicators.  I believe in what they can do and that they can help our little guys tell us what is going on.

As you might recall, Holly Jacobs, recently helped my mom with Caymus and Murphy‘s litter box problems (not using them!).

Do you use an animal communicator?  If so, can you please share your experience with us by leaving a comment on this post that includes:

1. Name of the animal communicator

2. How to get in touch with s/he

3. How has s/he helped you and your kitty(ies)?

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11 thoughts on “Have You Used an Animal Communicator?

  1. pam-e says:

    I haven’t used one personally but I did see one on TV. She spoke about the importance of LISTENING to the animal rather than trying to speak to the animal.

    At that time a very dear friend of mine had lost her cat and she was absolutely brokenhearted. I rang her and told her what the animal communicator had said. My friend went out searching for her cat that afternoon using the listening technique (instead of calling out for her) and found her!!! She had been missing for over a week and was found hiding in a local school.

    I had been initially reluctant to tell my friend what the animal communicator said because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to build her hopes that way. But it really worked out…

    • Jenny says:

      wow on your friend that “listened” to find her cat! impressive – definitely divine intervention helping you hear that and then phoning her.

      • pam-e says:

        It happened over 20 years ago and it was good to share it here. There’s not many people I would discuss that event with. The animal communicator was very clear that most people speak “at” their pets when trying to communicate with them instead of listening to their pets. I remember she was crystal clear about that…

        • Jenny says:

          =) – yes, I wouldn’t talk about this stuff in many circles either. Thanks for sharing! I think we could learn a lot from each other if we truly listened to each other, including our pets.

  2. Linda says:

    Name of animal communicator : Charles Peden
    How to get in touch: http://www.charlespeden.com
    How he has helped me: he has connected with both my cats. One was very ill with cancer and he let me know that he was ready to pass over. He also passed on messages from him about his favorite memories with me – things that he couldn’t have guessed. He was able to connect with another of my cats who had previously passed over, and was able to give me an accurate description of him by only being given his name. No photo is needed. He was able to describe his colors, color pattern, type of fur (short or long hair etc) and also his age to confirm a connection. One can’t exactly cold read that sort of thing.
    I have had many readings in the past with psychic, mediums (some who have made quite a name for themselves and had a long waiting list for appointments but turned out to be total cold readers with nothing specifically accurate to say) and a couple of animal communicators, but none of them have ever given me any clear or specific signs that they were really connecting. Until Charles Peden, especially when he doesn’t want to be fed information, unlike others, doesn’t need a photo, but only asks for the name of the animal.

  3. Amy says:

    1. Name of communicator: Asia Voight
    2. How to get in touch with her: asiavoight.com or asia@asiavoight.com
    3. How has she helped me? With just about everything under the sun! From assisting in the diagnosis of chronic lameness in my horse (that had strong roots in emotional issues linked to a past owner), to helping me know when my 13-year-old cat with cancer was ready to ‘let go,’ Asia has assisted me with many life altering issues. Each and every conversation has drastically altered the course of my life with my animals in amazingly positive ways. It’s worth every penny!

  4. Lisa Barrett says:

    I haven’t – yet – but because of your interviews, I’m planning trying one soon. Prior to your blog, I didn’t even know such services existed! Thank you very much for educating me on this topic.

    • Jenny says:

      I am glad you are grateful for it! Animal communicators are an awesome resource – especially if you find a great one like Holly Jacobs.

  5. Anna (alcatmom) says:

    1. Name of the animal communicator: Carolee Biddle

    2. How to get in touch with s/he: http://www.animal-connections.com/

    3. How has s/he helped you and your kitty(ies)? I was a bit skeptical at first but I had Carolee just talk to a few of my cats and the info she got assured me that she really was communicating with them. I was so glad to have done this because I went to her when my ragdoll mix cat was sick with lymphoma. I had never had to make that dreaded decision before and I was in denial. She talked to him and found out that he was ready to go. She sent reiki when he was passing and he left so peacefully. She helped me realize that it was time and what he needed to make him comfortable until that time was here. She was such a help to me to get through that awful time and I won’t hesitate to contact her again when I need to.

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      Thanks for being the first one to comment! I know more readers use animal communicators – so I hope there are more comments soon!

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