Have a Ragdoll Cat Question?

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Caymus Heaven
Caymus Heaven

If you have a question about your Ragdoll cat or if you are considering getting a Ragdoll and have questions, here are 5 ways to get it answered by Floppycats readers:

  1. Post it in our Ragdoll Cat forum
  2. Post it on Floppycats’ Facebook
  3. Send it directly to Floppycats and we’ll post it on the blog or on Facebook
  4. Post it on our blog with a photo
  5. Post it in the comments of any relevant blog post and I’ll ask folks on Facebook to respond

What are some of the questions you have?


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  1. Hello I’m thinking of taking my friends 4 year old male (desexed) ragdoll as they (owner) is moving state …but I have been known to suffer cat allergies etc do you think there fur will affect me and my nose and do they lose alot of fur.???? Thankyou

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