Harlow at 10 Days Old

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Shiba and Kitten

Okay, if truth be told, I have no idea if that is Harlow at 10 days old in the photo, but it certainly is her or one of her littermates.

When we drove up to Burnsville, MN to Angelkissed Ragdolls’ Cattery to pick up Maddie & Hobbs, we saw Harlow and her littermates at a mere 10 days old.

I have included a number of photos, both of Shiba (mother) and Nimo (father) taking care of their babies. Enjoy!

Ragdoll Kitten at 10 Days Old

Don’t 10 day old kittens look like gerbils or hamsters?

Nimo Cleaning Kitten

Nimo (father) is cleaning one of the kittens. What a good dad.

Shiba with Three Kittens

Shiba (mother) letting the kittens nurse.

Both Maddie and Hobbs are from Ragdoll Breeder, Gail Vettel in Burnsville, MN. Her phone number is 952-898-4432. If you decide to buy from her, you can mention being introduced to her as Ragdoll breeder through this website. Basically, just mention Floppycats.com and she will give you $25 off a Ragdoll kitten or $75 off two Ragdoll kittens (you will have to meet Gail’s requirements for suitable adoptable parents, of course). Questions? Contact Floppycats.com

Do you have photos of young Ragdoll kittens? If so, we would love to share them on Floppycats.com! Contact Floppycats.com with your photos like Harlow at 10 days old

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One thought on “Harlow at 10 Days Old

  1. Dementia Boy says:

    Eyes open, ears unfolded, fur on tail and legs–the beginnings of a kitten!!

    And to think that this “rodent” grew up to be the exquisite Harlow.

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