Happy Purrday Trigg!

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Floppy catsI have four kitties (all rescues), Dobby, Lark, Finn, and Indigo, and these wonderful items would certainly be put to good use in our house! My cats have been wonderful and loving companions to me and I would love to be able to shower them with gifts in honor of Trigg’s birthday! My cat rescue of choice is called The Cat Shoppe in Nashville, TN. It is a store that also rescues cats and does a lot for the kitty community! They always have a number of adorable kittens and older cats needing homes. While I cannot take another cat in to my home at this time, I would love it if they could get this stuff so the kitties they rescue would be able to experience the good life too!

Name: Elizabeth
City: Columbia
State: TN
ShelterRescue: The Cat Shoppe

Are you interested in entering Trigg’s 2011 Birthday Giveaway?  You can do so by clicking on Happy 2nd Birthday, Trigg! Plus Bonus Giveaway!

Floppycats Facebook and Twitter will feature all the Ragdoll cat pictures and entries!

Thanks to all these manufacturers for making this happen!

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