Happy Mother’s Day to All Cat and Human Moms!

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Happy Mother’s Day to All Cat and Human Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom – who helped me get my very first kitty (and who went with me to pick up Charlie)!

My mom and Skittles
My mom and Skittles
Charlie on the plane with my mom
Charlie on the plane with my mom 10-15-09

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  1. Happy Ragdoll Mom’s Day to all! They are by far the most precious and intelligent cats I’ve ever had. My three month old male is named Skylar. He has already possessed my down feather pillow and cries continuously when I shower, dress, put on make up each day! I’m only gone for 5-6 hours each day. My Neice is graduating from law school in DC next weekend and I must go – this a a blessed milestone for her, yet, I feel sooo guilty leaving Skylar for two nights. Have a reputable kitty sitter coming while I’m gone. Will the guilt pass? Thank you.

  2. Happy Mothers Day to all the human cat moms and especially to the real cat moms who gave us our special babies to love and care for the rest of their lives. ♥♥♥

  3. A very belated happy Mother’s Day to you, Jenny. Thank you for helping us all become better cat moms (and dads–but it’s not Father’s Day yet) with your videos and product reviews. Sometimes I get ideas not from what you’ve reviewed but from how you’ve placed things around your house–what doesn’t work in one place may work in another. Thank you for showing us da boyz at their best and their worst and in-between–cat motherhood is not always a Norman Rockwell painting =) Heyheyheyheyhey.

    Thank you most of all for giving an old cranky cat some things to call her own. Jolie will never have “fun” with toys but she will protect her nanners from the sanctuary of her cave–she actually uses it as a cave now–until death do they part.

    And a very belated happy Mother’s Day to all the cat moms here who I’m come to think of as friends, as we share our trials and tribulations and joy.

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