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  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your family and all the kitties and doggies!

    The costume picture above is adorable!

    Loved the videos. The pumpkin decorations on the tabled are beautiful, too! Lurve that flying bat! Loved that Caymus was just chillin’ and Murphy was exploring the bat. Hilarious!

    🙂 <3

  2. oh my so cute!! he doesn’t looked thrilled though. it’s so funny, it seems dogs like to get dressed up but cats… not so much!! I love to put little outfits on my cats but I get “that” look right there. so funny and cute. happy Halloween Trigg and Charlie and jenny!!

  3. Jenny, thank you so much for the Halloween videos and costume picture!!! Cats, bats and jack-o-lanterns are AWESOME 🙂 Cats, too, are for decorative purposes as well as a zillion other great things! Happy Halloween to all of you 🙂

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