Happy Birthday to My Sweet Rags

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Today is my Rags‘ birthday – he’s gone now, but I always think of him today.  He is the reason for this site – so you’ll never stop hearing about him =).

Rags on Patio 2008
Rags on Patio 2008

Rags was a seal mitted Ragdoll – but was “mismarked” as indicated in the above photo on the back of his thighs – but even more so, on his chin – seal mitteds are supposed to have a white chin, but he had a dark one. For this reason, I am in love with dark chin seal mitteds.

Here are some of the last videos I took of him – he was 19.5 years old when he died of chronic renal failure:

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  1. Jenny, I still remember my first love, a Siamese boy named Spiffy , because he was spiffy. I lost him in July 1994 ,he was 17 years old and had failing kidneys and I stayed with him at the very end and I will forever be with my babies at the very end. I miss him still , so much

  2. Happy Birthday Rags!! Hope you are having a grand old time up at Rainbow Bridge. Have a bunch of catnip,roll around in the grass and catch that mouse to celebrate your special day. And know you have very special people here who remember you in their hearts and minds today. >^.,.^< Meow Love Sergio

  3. This is also the birthday of my Mozart, who passed at 21 years. I remember last year when you said that it was Rags birthday…Mozart was also a very special boy and will always be in my heart. How I wish I had taken video like you! Happy Birthday, boys. And thanks to Rags for leaving a wonderful legacy with Jenny and floppycats.com. Anne

  4. Thank you Jenny, for creating Floppycats. I learn so much and receive such encouragement from you and other readers!So…. Happy Birthday sweet Rags. We are grateful for your inspiration.
    Molly & Lucy

  5. Hi Jenny! Oh sweet Rags! He really was amazing. You can see on the video how he was trying so hard to stay here with you. Know that he is in Kitty Heaven looking proudly down at you and sending you warm purrs. Know that the loss will always be with you, but is softened with time and the present love from Charlie and Trigg. Thank you for allowing us to see him and sending him over the Rainbow Bridge very very happy birthday wishes from Illaria, Grace, Mariposa and Pumpkin.

  6. Dear Jenny, I feel your pain, and your deep longing for your most special furry purry big floppy person. I reach out to you with deep sympathy from the place inside me that knows that pain–from losing Ming, my incredibly beautiful inside-and-out, “please bury your face in my thick warm fur,” Ragdoll person. I know how fiercely you must want to hold Rags in your arms again–as I do my Ming–and to tickle and rub and scrooch those special spots that you and Rags shared, and how you miss head butts (sp?) and big kitty kisses that purred themselves right onto your face. It does get better, though. Not all better, but I am 11 years down the road that you are now travelling, and it is easier than it was. Finding this website [and knowing there are others who are as passionate and nuts about their floppycats as I was/am mine] seems to help!!

    Dear Rags, Happy Birthday, Oops! I just missed it–your birthday. It’s 12:01 am. So-o-ooo, happy Birthday every day of the year, for you deserve it. Even though I never knew you (my loss) and I only know a smidge of Jenny through the internet, it is very clear how happy you made her, your Mom, for so many years, and it is equally clear tht you were ever so happy with her. Do you know, Rags, that you and your relationship with Jenny were the inspiration and impetus (sp?) for this floppycats website? I imagine Jenny has told you a thousand times. At least! But do you also know that all floppycat Moms and Dads on the planet are welcome to connect and learn and laugh and cry with each other; and can teach, and reach out to, and support each other through this special website? (Like now.) And there are many of your cousins and aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews out there living happier, more comfortable lives because of it? I hope you are very proud. You should be! By the way Rags, look around for a big friendly flamepoint Ragdoll who answers (most of the time 😉 ) to the name ‘Ming.’ I think you two would be a great pair, and have a LOT of FUN together. A big hug is headed your way Rags; and yours, too, Jenny. My thoughts are with you. Narcissa

    1. Hi Narcissa.

      Thanks for the sweet note – yes, I honor him now – it’s been nearly 5 years, so I am not devastated or longing for him. He did his work with me and we will be together again…as I have confirmed.

      Yes, Rags was alive in 2008 when I started the website and before he died he told me (through an animal communicator) that I was to continue the site, it was important work.

      Thank you!

  7. No kitty was ever more honored, Jenny! Rags, thank you for inspiring your Mommy to create this wonderful website for all of us who love our kitties just like she does. Happy birthday, sweet little beautiful man… I hope you know all my lost darlings over the rainbow!

  8. Hi Jenny,
    I can feel your pain. We lost our “Andy” this past January. I was devastated ( and still am )at his passing. I still have his pictures all over the house. My Dad passed away two years ago and I really believe he is taking care of our baby now. Every morning I ask my Dad to give Andy a big hug and kiss from ” his adopted parents “. My pain has softened somewhat and although we still have two other ragdolls at home with us,I still miss our little baby so much.
    Thank you so much for Floppycats. You share such valuable information with us, and I love watching your videos.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rags & a big THANK YOU to you!

  9. Happy Birthday to Rags. Even though he has passed over the rainbow bridge, Rags was obviously one very loved cat and was lucky to be a member of your household. Thank you for all that you do.

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