Happy Birthday to My Rags (RIP)

Rags at 18 years old
Rags at 18 years old

Those of you who have been reading my website for years, know all too well about my beautiful Rags, who is THE REASON for Floppycats.com!

Rags passed in March 2009 at the age of 19.5 years old.  I STILL (and imagine will always) MISS HIM dearly.

Rags was born August 8th, 1989 at Ragnarok Cattery in California and came to Kansas City in November 1989 with his half brother, Cosby, who died of FIP at 10 months old.  Rags, of course, never got the horrible disease and became my best buddy through my childhood, puberty and beyond.  He was my band-aid man who mended my heart through many tough times.

I would do anything to hold him again and look into this awesome blue eyes.

I will always honor him on his special day.

Happy Birthday, FREEGIE!

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