Happy Birthday Charlie!!! Yipee!!!

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EurekaFirst I would like to start out with the Shelter that I have chosen. The Tompkins County (Ithaca, NY) SPCA. I don’t live in NY anymore. I actually only lived there for about a year and a half… but what they did for us there is amazing. Years ago, we had a year old pit bull named Badu. It was really late one night and he needed to go outside. We let him out like we always do, but this time, when he came back in, he was profusely bleeding from his leg. He must have cut himself on something pretty sharp. We couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, and we were panicking. I was holding him still on the bathroom floor with his leg wrapped in shirts, trying to keep him from bleeding too much while my boyfriend at the time called emergency vet lines frantically. All I can remember is hearing him say that "My dog’s going to bleed to death, and you say you can’t do anything unless we have $250 on the spot?" Over and over again we tried to call places, but they would come get him unless we had mega cash up front. Finally, when I thought it wasn’t going to work out, He called the Tompkins County SPCA. They said they were on their way, and the lady talked with us over the phone, explaining to us that all we would have to do is sign him over to them, they would fix his leg, neuter him while they were at it, and then we could ‘re-adopt’ him for $50. We were fine with that. They did a fantastic job of fixing his leg, which they kept us informed the whole time he was with them. The fact is, they put him first, not cash. They actually acted like they cared. No matter what time it was, where we were, or what situation we were in. We visited that shelter many times after that, walking the dogs voluntarily, playing and feeding the cats and just talking to the people that loved doing what they did for the animals. It truly made an impact on my life. THIS is why they deserve this.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat Kitten EurekaAnd lastly, my baby Eureka 🙂 5 month old Seal Mitted Ragdoll of furry fury! Lemme tell ya how much of an impact he’s made on our lives: I have an anxiety disorder. It’s especially bad in the morning. They call it waking anxiety. Since we’ve had him, every morning when I wake up and start to feel bad, here comes this fur ball, bouncing around the house, jumping in my lap, rolling on his back and looking up at me with those baby blue eyes. My mood escalates immediately. Every time I see him, he puts a smile on my face. He could be sleeping, eating, playing, wondering, no matter what, he’s strumming my heart chords 🙂 And my boyfriend, a busy, dedicated business owner. Works 7 days a week. Never takes a day off. When he comes home from work, it’s usually a routine I could bet money on. Now that Eureka’s part of our family, when he comes home, instead of going straight to the computer to or couch, he stops for a second, gets low on the ground, spins a ball around to rouse the cat, grabs the laser pointer and jingles it around, or crinkles one of his catnip fish. Eureka will pounce out, and they have an almost… bonding time. lol. It’s really cute. It lifts his spirits, puts a spin on his daily routine as well as mine. His big personality just brightens every single day. I cannot imagine life without him now 🙂 He deserves the best and he’s actually been perched on my desk the entire time I’ve been writing, reminding me of why he needs this prize. 😉

Attached is two recent photos of Eureka. First one is him in one of his favorite lounge spots.. behind the couch in the giant bay window. The other is of him distracting mommy while she’s doing laundry 🙂

I know everybody that loves their baby as much as I do deserves this giveaway. I’ve never won a thing in my life (other than the chance to own such a loveable Ragdoll) So here it goes! Hope you enjoy what I share! And the facebook challenge is done as well.

Love and Hugs to Charlie and Triggy!!!!

Name: Liz Schwikert
ShelterRescue: The Tompkins County (Ithaca, NY) SPCA

You can enter to win Charlie’s Birthday Giveaway too!  Thanks to all the great pet product companies that have made this giveaway possible:

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