Happy 9th Birthday, Murphy!


My parents’ Murphy turns 9 years old today – Happy 9th Birthday, Murphy!

For those of you who subscribe to our YouTube channel, you know I call Murphy, “Beau” and my sister calls him “Papa Smurf”.  My family has had a lot of blaze cats – and have found that they are all outgoing and well, Murphy fits the bill.  Beau is a huge lover and manages (like Charlie) to win the heart of any visitors to his home.

Murphy Birthday Hat 2013

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  1. Awwwww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SWEET MURPHY! Love those nicknames! So sweet…

    August is such a great month for birthdays (and so is October, my son was born in October and my Pink Sugar was born in October). NOTE: My sister and I were both born in August. Same day – the 11th but we are two years apart. My mom’s timing was great! LOL 🙂

    August & October Rules!

    Very warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar (who says, I can’t wait until October 7th as it will be my elebenty birfdayz! ) 🙂

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