Happy 9th Birthday, Caymus!

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My parents’ Caymus turns 9 years old today.  He is a Leo like all the wonderful cats in my life.

As many of you already know, I am completely obsessed with him.  He brings a joy to my heart that few people or cats do – in an instantaneous way.  I can be in the worst mood in the world and if you mention Caymus, or even better, bring him to me, that mood melts away (especially if he is the love bug he is in the video below).  His spirit is that powerful for me.  So today and every day I celebrate his gorgeous existence…but this is one of the worst birthday hat photos!  Sorry!

Caymus Birthday Hat 2013


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    1. patti, i couldn’t agree more about everyone needing a caymus – ME FIRST!!

      i have said that if everyone had a caymus, the world would be a peaceful place.

      pink sugar has a lot of potential, especially with you as her mom!

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