Happy 8th Birthday, Caymus!


My parents’ Caymus turns 8 years old today – whoa!  Can’t believe it.  8 is my favorite number, so this is going to be a great year for Mr. Nuss! Also, for those of you who don’t know, I have a major kitty crush on this cat – scroll down to the video to see how bad it is.

Caymus Birthday August 2012

Caymus 8th Birthday August 20122

Caymus 8th Birthday August 2012

Caymus Birthday August 2012 bring on the cake

I took a video of Caymus during his photo shoot, which I think you might enjoy:

I took a video of Caymus the other day, and if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, then you have already seen it.  But if not, here is how awesome this cat is:

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