Happy 27th Birthday to My Rags!

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Happy Birthday to my Freegie Poo!

Rags Ragdoll Cat in a Sink

My favorite number is 8 – so it is no surprise that one of my greatest life’s loves was born on 8/8.  And that is also the reason our blog posts are published daily at 8:08am.

Although my Rags passed in 2009, he will always be remembered on Floppycats for his birthday – he is the reason this website exists and is the reason I continued on with it after he died.  Before he passed, through an animal communicator he told me that Floppycats was important work and that he wanted me to continue it.  He often “helped” me work on it – laying in a bed between me and my computer while I worked on the site…or in the case of this photo, when I checked AOL mail.

Rags Dean in Between Me and Keyboard

I have seen through the years how very important Floppycats has been – helping other kitties out, helping owners understand their kitties more, being able to share experiences, ideas and the love of our felines altogether.

You can read Rags’ story here.

Thank you all for being here – I know Rags appreciates it too.

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Rags (c) 2008 Elaina G Photography
Rags (c) 2008 Elaina G Photography
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  1. Jenny, you have brightened our world with your lovely videos, anecdotes, advice and reviews. You know I do not have a Floppy Cat, just a plain old gray kitty who may or may not be Russian Blue. But I enjoy your postings and learn a lot. And often buy the products you review. In your own sweet way Jenny, you are passing on your knowledge and love of cats (and pooches). Those of us who receive it are truly blessed. Thank you always.

    1. Your “plain old gray kitty” is a very special soul whether he is a floppycat or not and just wanted to say that I’m so glad you are here with us no matter what breed of kitty you have. Really enjoy reading your posts. Over the course of my lifetime, have been blessed to have almost 20 kitties, most of whom were ferals and rescues. They were some of the most special souls and connected with me on a level that most of the Persians never did. The “plain old kitties” are some of the most appreciative and sweetest souls there could ever be.
      Agree and second everything you just said about our sweet Jenny too!♥♥♥

  2. HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY, RAGS!!! Your beautiful tributes to your wonderful & very handsome Rags always brings tears to my eyes, Jenny. He was such a GORGEOUS boy and I am so happy that your love for him propelled you to start Floppycats.com. Being a Floppycatter is truly a blessing and joy. Thank you so much, Rags & Jenny! (And may you continue to RIP and frolick with all the other wonderful animals who’ve crossed that Rainbow Bridge, Rags.) <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Wishing Rags a very happy 27th birthday. Can only imagine how he must be living it up over the Rainbow Bridge every single days.

    As ABarletta said so eloquently, Rags and Jenny do brighten our lives every single day. I have always imagined the scenerio that unfolds every time Jenny writes her articles for Floppycats with Rags sitting on her shoulder complete with his angel wings.

    Floppycats is such a blessing to everyone, human and pets alike, and has had a huge impact and ripple effect that would have never been possible otherwise. It is such a positive and happy place. People who would have never met otherwise have been brought together forming lasting friendships. Our kitties get pampered with wonderful products and information that we wouldn’t know about otherwise. Thanks Jenny and Rags!!!! We love you!♥♥♥

  4. Happy Birthday to Rags! I’m so glad he inspired you to start FloppyCats and I’m so happy you continue it. I read every post and absolutely love the stories of other Ragdolls you feature here, as well as all the great information you impart. This is a great online community, and I have to say, the only one I participate that is wholly friendly and giving — no trolls, no negativity. Thank you, Jenny, and everyone who participates here. Or should that be “paw-ticipates?”

  5. Happy Birthday Rags!!! Jenny, I cannot thank you and Rags enough for having created the wonderful Floppycats website. Back in 1994 I was introduced to the Ragdoll breed, when I was showing Carrie, my beautiful tortoiseshell girl, who passed almost 3 years ago at almost 22 years of age, and fell in love with these amazing and totally pawwwsome felines. I am so proud to be owned by 2, and am everyday in awe of them, what they do, the way they interact with each other, and me, their hopelessly devoted mum. You and Rags, I believe, have helped to bring such recognition internationally to this beautiful breed, and I am so pleased to be, as you say … a Floppycatter!!! Kia Ora …that’s a New Zealand hello … to all fellow Floppycatters from Peachy, Neme and myself down at not quite the bottom of the globe!!! 🙂

    1. Kia Ora to you too Cherie, Peachy and Neme from other Floppycatters, Teresa, Olivia Grace, Illaria Rose, Mariposa, Lord Greystoke and GB (Ginger Boy). Loved your story and would love to see a photo sometime of your gorgeous Tortie girl, Carrie. So sorry for your loss. That is really amazing that she lived to be 22 and is a real testament to your love and devotion to her! Sending all the best to you and your furbabies in New Zealand from Roanoke, Virginia, USA!

      1. Hi Teresa 🙂 I have old photos of Carrie, but none on my tablet unfortunately, but she was an absolutely beautiful, fluffy tortoiseshell and white girl with one tabby leg … you people in the U.S.A call them torbies. She was an incredibly loyal, devoted and loving cat, who I rescued from the local SPCA one week before she was due to be euthanized. I actually found her in the advertisement of the local gazette, and went to see her the next morning to bring her home. It was funny, because mum had seen her photo first, and wondered if she should get her for me, but wasn’t really sure. However, as soon as I walked through the door from work that Friday night, and picked up that gazette to look at, I leafed through the pages, found Carries photo and said “mum, that’s my cat” !!! She looked at me with quite a strange smirk, and I just said to her, “well, if you don’t go and pick her up tomorrow, then I will”. So of to the SPCA we went, I walked around the corner to her cage, Carrie and I saw each other at the same time, and pow!!! it was that instant connection with me for her, and vice versa. I was certainly very blessed to have had her practically almost half my life, but when she passed, it turned my world upside down. It broke Nemes’ (my sealpoint Raggie girl) heart as well, but fortunately that darned cat of mine was looking after the both of us from the rainbow bridge, and sent us both the most wonderful Peachy, my utterly adorable flame point Raggie man. Carrie was one tortoiseshell on her own but when Peachy came along, I received 5 lots of tortoiseshell ancestry in one body. Carrie certainly handed me a firebrand for a cat, but he has her personality to a T. He shows that same love, loyalty and devotion to me, and I just love him so madly!!! 🙂 It just goes to show us how our babies are still so connected to us, even when they leave this earth. They’re never far away, and always in our hearts and minds. I am one very lucky mum 🙂 Hugs and purrs from our fluffy family to yours!!!

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