Happy 12th Birthday, Chiggy!

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat trigg chiggy 12th birthday IMG_4534

Can’t believe my little Chigg is 12.  Chiggy, or formally named, Trigg, is my blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat, who does not enjoy his birthday hat photos.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat trigg chiggy 12th birthdayIMG_4530

I do not know how I lucked out in getting Chiggy.  I mean, I know why I have him – he is related to my Rags, the reason I founded this website.  I knew I wanted a relative of my Rags, I knew I wanted him to be a male, but I didn’t know what color or pattern and I didn’t care, as long as he was related to my Rags. What I mean by I don’t know how I lucked out with him is his spirit/soul – he is a complete joy.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy cute IMG_1115

He is definitely the cutest cat I have ever known.  And when I say, “cute”, I mean CUTE.  He does cute things all day every day and never fails to make me smile on a daily basis.  He’s also just goofy.  I can be walking from one room to another and see him out of my peripheral vision, and just exclaim after looking at him straight on, “Chiggy!  WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!”

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy laying belly up in green room IMG_2785

Trigg is an easy cat.  He isn’t needy, eats what’s given to him, poops without a problem, pees where he is supposed to.  He is an easy cat.  The only time he really “bothers” me is to tell me his food bowl is empty.   And he doesn’t annoyingly tell me – he will come find me and be super amorous.  For example, he will jump up on my desk, if I am working on Floppycats, and walk back and forth leaning his body into my face for kisses.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy lounging on merrithew pilates reformer IMG_1345

He is very fancy – he is the type of cat that arches his back on doorways and rubs against everything, showing off how fancy he is.  Every day after I shower, I take my dirty laundry down to the basement where my washer and dryer are.  Charlie goes with me.  And Trigg runs down too – but he waits for me on the basement stairs.  He waits because they are about to get their dinner – but he sits on the stairs and I kneel on a lower one, so that my face is parallel to his body.  I give him kisses up and down his side body – I also rub my face and wet hair on his body.  He loves it and leans into me.  It is one of my favorite parts of the day with him.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy make up IMG_0529

Another favorite part of my day with him is that he is also a sweetheart of a snuggle bug.  If you follow us on social media, then no doubt you have seen the photos that I post of him snuggling up with me at night time.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy snuggling with jenny dean IMG_6432
Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy snuggling with jenny dean IMG_5840

Chiggy loves ice cream, and unfortunately, so do I.  So whenever I have ice cream or even if I am eating oatmeal from the same bowls I use to eat ice cream out of, Chiggy is always waiting there to lick the bowl.  I have never had a cat so interested in sweets in my life – he will go for the cream of an Oreo, icing/frosting on a cake, cookie or donut and any kind of ice cream, whether it is diary, coconut, cashew, etc.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy waiting for ice cream

Chiggy is a naughty kitty too – with Charlie.  He likes to egg him on, as well as surprise ambush whack Charlie.  It’s pretty funny – one of the reasons I love cats.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy playing with paper blue eyes IMG_8239

I totally think Chiggy knows how hilarious he is.  I mentioned earlier how goofy he is.  He just cracks me up with the whacky things he does.  He definitely lives in his own little happy world – a world I hope to visit some day.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy hunting chipmunks outside

He enjoys going outside and hunting chipmunks.  He will sit and stare for hours waiting for one of those pesky chipmunks to show up.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy enjoying outside IMG_3067

Many readers have asked if they can come meet Chiggy.  I get the desire to do so.  However, Chiggy doesn’t like strangers.  He runs and hides when anyone comes into the house with the exception of my mom.  He still runs and hides, but when he hears her voice, he comes out.  He lived with her for 1 month or 6 weeks (can’t recall) when he was a kitten, so he has a special affection for her.  He would probably come around too if my old boyfriend appeared, as he loved and trusted him too.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy paws crossed IMG_0451

Chiggy will sometimes be near if my sister comes around – but usually still hides knowing her excitement about seeing him.  My sister doesn’t come over very often (I usually go to her house) – but if she’s here for a long time, he will gladly come out. My Dad always jokes, “Don’t you have two cats?” because Charlie always greets people at the front door, but Chiggy never comes out when a stranger is here.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat Trigg Chiggy outside by silver maple IMG_5516

What a treasure and a blessing Chiggy has been in my life.  He has taught me and continues to teach me many life lessons as well as cat things and language.  I am so grateful for his presence in my life and that I can share his joy on Floppycats.

Blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat trigg chiggy 12th birthday IMG_4524
thrilled to have his birthday hat on.

Happy 12th Birthday, Chigg Doo!  Here’s to at least 12 more!

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Idania Lio says:

    Dear Chiggy,
    Happy 12th Birthday sweet boy. You are so handsome, charming, charismatic….and plain and simple CUTE! I wish you a long, healthy and happy life.
    I send you virtual hugs and a big kiss on that pink nose of yours.

  2. Ellie L Sanborn says:

    Hi Jen, Charlie and Especially the birthday boy, Chiggy!!!!
    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Handsome Chiggy!! I’m a huge and loyal fan of all of you in Floppycats. I’ve learn alot from Floppycats and ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything about your page. LOVE your photos of you, Charlie and extended family furbabies. Hope you have a great time celebrating your special day

  3. Happy Birthday Chiggy
    Love Misha & Ger

  4. Maria Appleby says:

    Happy Birthday Chiggy!

  5. Cynthia Ray says:

    Your a great mom to those two cuties. I’m so glad I made the choice be be a RD mom too. Keep up the good work Jenny your a blessing.

  6. Patti A Johnson says:

    Happy 12th Birthday, Sweet Chiggy Boo! Wishing you at least another 12 more, You Adorable Rascal! #ChiggyFangirl #ChiggyLove

    BIG hugs and lots of love and purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle

  7. Pamela Curry says:

    Thank you for the article

  8. Happy birthday Chiggy and I wish you many more. You are my Sachi’s cousin. You both came from the same breeder. My Sachi turned 6 in March, and like Chiggy, he is the love of my live, my Velcro cat, and my reliable companion. Like Chiggy, he loves to snuggle, kiss, and eats vanilla ice cream, yogurt and flan. It must be genetic. My Sachi also has an older brother, Sami, and he is 7. They are skittish around strangers. When they hear the doorbell they scatter and hide. Enough about my little family and back to you. Happy, happy birthday!! I wish you a generous helping of ice cream. Jenny and I are blessed to have Chiggy, Charlie and for me, Sachi and Sami in our lives. They are GOD’s fur angels and our teachers.

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