Happy 12th Birthday, Caymus!

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat, Caymus, Turns 12 Years Old!

Caymus Birthday 2016 12 year old Ragdoll Cat 2

I can’t believe my favorite living Ragdoll cat is 12 years old.  I am glad he has lived this long, but I don’t like how old he is getting – although he continues to be the fabulous all the time.  If you guys want to know what I am talking about, please see this video.

Caymus has had quite a year.  My parents moved to their new home in November 2015, which is the third home he has lived in with them.  His good buddy, Napa, a 10-year old German Shepherd passed in February from cancer.  Caymus is also about to get a new roommate in September – a new German Shepherd puppy.

I am continuously impressed with how Caymus has grown and changed.  He used to be a very scared cat – but over the years has gotten more confident.  He now is usually the one hanging around the kitchen and other living areas, whereas it used to always be just Murphy.  My mom says she sees Caymus more often now.  He also is simply wonderful with my niece and nephews.  He shows them how truly wonderful a Ragdoll cat can be – rubbing his pheromones on things they stick out for him, letting them face plant into his belly and allowing them to be genuinely curious about kitties in general.  I thank him for that – he is a gentle giant.  He also just recently met my sister’s rehomed Ragdoll cats – Ash and Addie – his first time meeting another adult cat as an adult cat (meaning he met my Rags when he was a kitten, and he was a 5-year old adult when he met Charlie and Trigg as kittens).

I have done a few Q&A videos on our YouTube channel – and one of the questions that someone asked me to answer was, “Why is Caymus your favorite living Ragdoll cat?” I tried to record the response with my sister, but failed.  I just started crying (you can see my eyes are watery and I have wiped my tears on my shirt after the first 4 minutes), and I asked my sister why I was crying – and she said, “Oh, I knew you would.”  Caymus is a soulmate and there’s really no explaining a soulmate connection – you either have it or you don’t.  Caymus and I have known each other in other lives, for sure – and I hope to heck that when he chooses to leave this life that he comes back as my cat in his next life.

I still plan on answering that question in a future video, but need to gain my composure better before I do so.  Caymus was so beautiful with my Rags.  Rags never minded Caymus either, which was cool and made me respect Caymus even more.  When my parents got Caymus and Murphy, I was living in their house because my mom wouldn’t let me take Rags out of the house – I was also working on my Masters degree.  So we had only planned on getting a seal mitted with a blaze kitten, but when we told Cindy of Bluegrass Rags (Caymus and Murphy’s breeder) that Rags was 15-years old, she suggested that we get two kittens.  The strategy behind getting two kittens was that they would play with one another and leave Rags alone.  It was an excellent suggestion and worked out well, so I could steal Rags for good.  So Caymus wasn’t ever part of the initial plan, but was an excellent bonus.

He is so wonderful at the vet – allows them to do anything they want.  I bet they could clean his teeth too without having to put him under, but for obvious reasons, that will never be attempted.  Another example of his awesome-ness is that he is the only cat I can set the birthday hat on without him knocking it off – he just sits there with it on his head.  The other cats need the birthday hat strap around their chin to get it to stay.  The only thing Caymus does that inhibits the birthday hat photo process is that he wants to smell the hat and rub his pheromones all over it.

Caymus is the biggest Ragdoll cat of all of our family’s Ragdoll cats (11 total) – in stature.  He is tall, has a long tail and weighs 17 lbs (7.71107 kg) (and has weighed more when he was a on a dry/wet food diet).  Caymus is a 2-handed Ragdoll – it is virtually impossible to pick him up with one hand because he is truly a Ragdoll when you pick him up – he goes limp.  He is wonderful to force snuggle because of his ability to go limp and not really care what you do with him.

Caymus has the most luxurious coat I have ever felt with my fingers.  It is hard to see how absolutely wonderful it is in photos or in videos.  I have never felt anything like it.  Amy’s Ash comes in a close second, but Caymus’ coat is to die for.

It’s really the entire package of Caymus, though – the other night my 6-year old nephew was talking about what he wanted for his upcoming birthday.  I told him that I ask my mom and Santa for Caymus every year, but I never get him. My dad suggested (jokingly) to clone him.  While cloning Caymus would give me his beautiful coat, his eyes, his nose and whiskers, no scientific cloning would give me his soul and that’s the best part of him.

Happy, Happy Birthday to a soulmate who has taught me a lot in 12 years!  I hope you have 12+ more years in you!

Caymus Birthday 2016 12 year old Ragdoll Cat 3

Caymus Birthday 2016 12 year old Ragdoll Cat 6

Caymus Birthday 2016 12 year old Ragdoll Cat 5

Caymus Birthday 2016 12 year old Ragdoll Cat 4

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Happy Birthday darling Caymus!!!

  2. HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY, Caymus baby!!! I always lurve your write-ups about your kitteh soulmate, Jenny! Your love for him is truly beautiful to see! He’s such a good sport about everything and SOOOO HANDSOME!!! What’s not to love about this Big Fluffy Boy?!

    The pics are so FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!!!! LURVE THEM & LURVE HIM SO MUCH!!! What a lovebug he is!!! 🙂

    Wishing Caymus many more Healthy & Happy Birthdays to come!!! GO CAYMUS!!! WOO HOO!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Happy birthday to you, dear beautiful Caymus! 🙂 According to the latest “cat to human age calculator” (first two years equal 24 and future years are 4 each), you’re 64 today. Welcome to the Golden Years, sweet Gentle Giant fellow! You are famous and well-loved! 🙂

  4. omgosh that made me cry my eyes out! i know you love him so much. the bond with your animals is like no other. maybe your kids, i don’t know since i don’t have any. i know i will meet all my cats again. that will be a glorious day. Happy Birthday sweet Caymus!!

  5. Happy Birthday Caymus!!! Jenny, I know exactly what you mean about that soul connection! That is exactly what I had with my beautiful Carrie, bless her 🙂 Many people who knew Carries and my relationship thought it was such an uncanny one … they couldn’t put their finger on it because she and I just clicked right from that first second we spotted each other through her cage at the SPCA. Up until she passed, we both knew what the other was thinking … we practically lived and breathed each other, read each others minds, could speak to each other without saying or meowing anything at all. When my ex husband and I broke up on one occasion, I moved out of the home we’d had, and I’d taken Carrie and Neme with me … well, the first night in the new residence, Carrie jumped out the bathroom window that my flatmate had left open, as she didn’t like his dog, so that was it. She disappeared for 4 months in grotty horrible Winter weather, that I didn’t think she’d survive as she was such a small cat. Well, one morning at work, I was sorting something out, and all of a sudden I heard a “mum I’m ready to come home now” (I had reunited with my ex by that stage). Well, blow me down, I headed
    off after work to get Carrie that afternoon, and there she was, waiting for me at the end of that same street she had disappeared on. We were absolutely the glue that held each other together, and after that incident, we never parted from each other again. So that is why when Carrie passed, she believed I needed that little someone special to help bring Neme and I comfort and a complete family again … my wonderful Peachy. She is still around as I can still sense her and hear her … she has never left us 🙂 The really great thing too, is that Peachy still goes to her photo and little casket after more than 2 years of being with me, and acknowledges her by chatting to her in his own Peachy way, and smooching her photo and casket … he’s been doing that since the first day he came home to me. He is my 2nd soul connection in every way, shape and form, and I am very lucky to have that same connection with him, that I had with Carrie. Thank you so much my baby girl 🙂

  6. Teresa Reid says:

    Happy birthday beautiful Caymus! Oh, I know exactly what you mean Jenny about him being your soulmate. Angel was mine. You never know when there may be another in the world coming your way too though, so don’t absolutely rule that out. Hope Caymus stays here for many more wonderful years to come. Happy birthday sweet boy!♥♥♥♥

  7. ABarletta says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Caymus! I wish you many more.

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