Hanna & I are a package deal!

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HannaNo fancy words or story to tell…..We both want to win! Hanna loves "goodies & presents" and I love to see my babydoll happy! (Personally, I’ve pondered buying a few of these items, but, nothing beats winning!) Now, as far as my favorite Rescue/Shelter……I have at least five & would not choose between them. I’ve thought about it & I’d like to help Merlin’s, their Ragdoll Rescue…..they really have done so much!

Name: Cindi (& Hanna)
City: Marshall
State: TX
ShelterRescue: Merlin’s Ragdoll Rescue

Are you interested in entering Trigg’s 2011 Birthday Giveaway?  You can do so by clicking on Happy 2nd Birthday, Trigg! Plus Bonus Giveaway!

Floppycats Facebook and Twitter will feature all the Ragdoll cat pictures and entries!

Thanks to all these manufacturers for making this happen!

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