Halloween Kitty Bat Catnip Cat Toys

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Halloween Kitty Bat Catnip Cat ToysIt’s October once again and maybe you would like to give your pet an extra special treat for Halloween!

Cats love to play with new toys and will totally enjoy doing something other than groom themselves, use their cat scratcher, sleep, and eat.  They will surely having a little more exercise and a lot more fun with this Halloween themed toy to play with while they jump, pounce, toss it and do all sorts of stuff with is. 

Your cat will nearly purr out the words “trick or treat” when you give them one of these Halloween cat toys. It’s nice keeping up with the fun holidays like Halloween, and you can make it even more special by treating your cat also! These Kitty Bat Halloween cat toys by West Paw design has very durable charcoal-colored Berber fabric, filled with their all-time favorite organic catnip, and has a tiny bell inside so it will pleasantly tinkle. 
Happy Halloween!When you are looking for cat toys with catnip, make sure to get the quality cat products for you pet. Leaves and flowers are the best parts of the plant and you have to be aware that there are some manufacturers that fill cat toys with stems that have no scent at all.

This Kitty Bat Halloween cat toy is made from only high quality catnip that your pet will surely love.

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