Halloween 2010 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Scrivener’s Retreat Cat Toy

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Scriveners Retreat Cat Toy

This Halloween giveaway is a Scrivener’s Retreat Cat Toy!  Thank you to Scrivener’s Retreat for this giveaway!

 There is only one winner and she or he will win the Scrivener’s Retreat Cat Toy pictured above!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the Scrivener’s Retreat Cat Toy, please:

  1. subscribe to our e-mail updates   (if you’re already subscribed to our e-mail updates and are an active subscriber, then you don’t need to re-subscribe – you’re already entered!).
  2. and for an additional chance to win it – please leave a comment below explaining why your kitty needs this cat scratcher!

You may only enter once (one per person) and a random winner will be chosen in a drawing on November 15, 2010.  The giveaway is open to all addresses in the USA!


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  1. if i lived in the usa which sadly is scotland hehe

    shadow would need that cute toy as he loves somthing to snuggle with at night and also drag around the house with him on his play time

  2. HAHA! This is so cute and to find it is made by hand, by a ferret Mama is really special. I know my kittehs would love to bunny kick this. I just think it would be cute to look at!

  3. We have a new kitty that came from a world where he went outside. Just in case he ever decides to re-explore the great outdoors he NEEDS his claws, however, my furniture, my kids, my dog, my… really, really hope he gets this scratcher so he will quit using them!

  4. I have several cats, and one is a very large, strong male who loves love to roll around with and “kick” these types of toys. This one looks very safe for him, without all those little pieces that can come off. Great colors too!

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