Hagen Catit Toys – There’s One for Everyone!

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Catit Design Senses Scratch PadHagen Catit Design provides a myriad of options for every type of cat. You say your cat likes a nice, firm cat scratching pole? They've got you covered. Or how about some interactive toys? Yep, got that too. Hagen even offers a cat drinking fountain with purified water. What will these guys think of next?

One of the scratchers that Hagen has available is actually in an Hourglass shape. This design uses a combination of sisal rope and corn husks to keep your cat scratching the pole and not your furniture! Cats also seem to love the shape of the Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher because it's not just a boring straight one. This style gives them more variety to satisfy their scratching needs.

As for interactive cat toys, Catit more than meets this need. The Hagen brand supplies an interactive toy sure to impress even the most aloof cats. They have a Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad that allows your cat to massage the pads while stimulating his senses. Their Senses Play Circuit keeps your cat chasing after the balls in it, which stop and move to catch his attention. For the cat with strong hunting instincts, this is sure to appeal. Catit Design goes so far as to provide a Senses Massage Center for the kitten who simply wants to relax.

Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain, Original Not only is there a Catit Design toy for every cat out there, but there's also a cat water fountain available to keep your furry friend happy. Hagen offers a design that keeps fresh water flowing because every cat owner knows how picky their little ones can be. Cats tend to avoid drinking stagnant water, which is understandable. The Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain solves this problem by keeping the water running. This fountain also comes with a filter to remove taste and odor problems from the water. Hooray!

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