Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product Review

Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product ReviewI have eyed the Hagen Catit Design Cabrio for years – ever since a reader in the UK told me about it when we were talking about travel pet carriers.

The Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System  is a travel carrier for cats that made of hard plastic and also has a clear plastic door.  The carrier is designed so that you can open it on the top to access the kitty or you can open the front door of the carrier to access the pet inside.

Our vet called it “the space ship” and mentioned another client of theirs has one.  She said it wasn’t her favorite carrier as a vet, but that she liked it just fine.  I would have to agree – it’s not my favorite, but I did like it.

And, of course, just because it’s not my favorite pet carrier, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love it.  I do like that it opens from the top as well as the side – with it opening from the top, it allows the vet to have access to your kitty more quickly.

It comes with a little food dish (the diner) that is removable.  I can’t see myself ever using it – but it’s nice that it is removable, not only for washing, but also in case you don’t want to use it.

It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I LOVED the shoulder strap – made my life easier when carrying two carriers.

Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product Review

I wouldn’t trust this carrier in the cargo section of an airplane – the plastic front door is what concerns me the most with that scenario.  However, when someone like me is using it for just car travel, the plastic front door is fine as I’m not going to mistreat the carrier.

If you have a kitty that likes to claw at the metal door, then the plastic door might be the solution for you.  The clips on the top have to be perfectly lined up or the top cover won’t close.  You’ll see what I mean, if you watch the review video below.

Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product Review

When I posted about doing the review for this carrier, some readers mentioned that they have it and love it.  That their cats like sleeping in them:

“I’ve now got 3 of these for my lot. Really roomy & most importantly very sturdy. They are heavy with a large Raggie loaded but have a shoulder strap that helps. Safety & cat comfort are no 1 for me & these are brill. Loads of my Raggie parent friends have them too”

“I have two of these carriers, one each for my boys. They love and feel so comfortable in them, I will find them sleeping in them at home. Easy to open from the top, when visiting the vet.”‘

“We have this carrier for our Ragdolls and really like it!”

Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product Review 3

Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System Product Review 3

It measures 10.7 x 16 x 21 inches.  It’s lightweight – weighing about 9 lbs.

Buy the Catit Design Cabrio Carrier on Amazon.  You can also order replacement pars for the diner tray, the diner door, the front door assembly and other parts on Amazon – since the replacement parts come in different colors you could also design one with different colors that were fun.

Here is our arrival video:


Here is our final review video:


We received the Hagen Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Cat Carrier System for review from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Peggy Russell says:

    Thanks Jenny
    So checks out those breeders. I will also send you a
    Pic of our 9 month old male Rag doll named Cisco.
    Thought it would be fun for him to have a playmate.
    Would it be better for us to have a male or female
    I can’t decide which would be better.
    Hans, Peggy

    1. no recommendations on male vs. female. it’s not about their sex, but rather complimentary personalities, in my opinion. a good breeder could help you.

  2. Peggy Russell says:

    Jenny: Do you know of any good breeders in the State of Utah?
    I am very disappointed in the breeder I got Cisco from.
    He was sick and I spent quite a bit of money getting him
    Well. I won’t use that breeder again.

    1. Kristi Hanson says:

      Hello Peggy. I am getting ready to pick up a kitten from a ragdoll breeder in Alpine Utah and saw your post. I was concerned that it may be the same breeder you are disappointed with. Could I ask the name of your breeder please? Thank you

  3. This looks convenient for sure.

    I’m concerned about safety in the car and ever since I was researching safety for dogs in a car and saw this video, crates are no longer an option for me:

    Having that in mind, when I chose a crate for Prossimo I chose a soft-sided one. It doubles as part of my emergency fire/earthquake kit. It has a nice cross-body strap on it so I could put it so Prossimo was on my back and I could carry Yoda if I need to evacuate on foot, and I could use the strap to lower him down to the first floor in case of a fire.

    That being said, while I do use it in the car I’m not entirely comfortable with it. Anyone have any good ideas?

    On a side note, the car harness/seat belt combo that I purchased 5 years ago and thought I was happy with? I just found out that it did not even pass initial stages of the Center for Pet Safety’s testing (http://centerforpetsafety.org). Talk about a sinking feeling. All this time I’ve gone to extra lengths to make sure my dog was safe and she hasn’t been. I feel ill.

    1. You are a research genius – there are definite issues with that video for me though – and they didn’t test multiple carriers. Sleepypod is really proud of their crash ratings – have you checked them out?

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for the really great review of this carrier, Jenny. The videos, as usual, are wonderful and the photos are awesome! Charlie really lurves to get in it, eh? Lurve that photo of his face peering through the clear door. So cute! 🙂

    I really like that you included some comments from other folks who use this carrier, too. That was really great info to share!

    We really need to get a new carrier for Our Girl (who detests being in a carrier at all). I’ll add this one to the list for consideration. 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbean 🙂 <3

  5. ABarletta says:

    Hi Jenny. This looks gorgeous. I have seriously considered this because of the great top access. But my kitty Gracie gets car sick so I think this would be difficult to clean what with all the surfaces and things. I looked up the reviews on Amazon and I think the jury is still out on this one.

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