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This is "The Moosh!" He was 12 weeks old in the top picture…and 15 months in the bottom picture (taken last week) He is the love of my life!! I got him from mom & dad as a birthday present just a few weeks before we had to put my Saint Bernard Dreyfie to sleep…It’s never easy losing a best friend…but Mooshu’s constant antics & curiosity & trouble seeking sure kept me busy!! He doesn’t "knead dough" on my chest…rather he kisses inside my mouth until he falls asleep…all while he purrs like a Ferrari…and he seeks attention by knocking ANYTHING over…and when it lands on him…he comes to tell me & takes me to go look…like he thinks he deserves an award!! (FYI…he does the same thing after a good poop to let me know his butt needs a checking!!) He is the true meaning of the term…a "floppy cat" I can hold him any which way I want…for as long as I want…He will let me brush him…when HE is in the mood. Mooshu makes me smile all day…and even at 4am…when he wakes me up by curling up into my face…just to cuddle. Needless to say…I simply ADORE him…and he adores me!

Kitty’s Name: Mooshu
Name: Julie Lesser
Where: Westlake Village, CA

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