Grow Your Own Organic Catnip Plant Kit

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Grow Your Own Organic Catnip Plant KitDoes your cat love catnip? Well, if they can’t seem to get enough of it, then you should grow your own! Catnip has a certain effect on cats that makes them get hyper playful. Catnip is something that your cats will love to play in like rolling over, scratching, and getting a little crazy, and is a fun way to give them exercise. Catnip can help your cat play – especially those lazy cats who don’t like to lift a paw.

Catnip has a certain chemical that your cats will make them play with for a few minutes, then in about an hour or two so you’ll be sure that your cat will be coming back for more. Growing your own organic catnip saves money and you will know it is really is organic. Cats on catnip will have so much fun playing with your harvest, and you’ll stop wondering why your feline loves the cat toys that have catnip inside them.

Fun for cats of all ages, from kittens to older cats, and hyper playful kitties to old lazy cats. Growing your own organic catnip will serve your cat well and allow you to enjoy growing a new kind of plant that can get to be at least 3 feet tall after a couple of months.

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