GripSoft Wood Grooming Tool – Double Sided Brush

Post Published on September 11, 2010 | Last Updated on September 11, 2010 by Jenny

Do you love to brush your pet but realize that those other combs and brushes are not only too expensive but it might end up hurting your pet? Well, this is one of the cat grooming products that not only saves you money, it can also help you make your cat’s fur more wonderful and can get rid of all the excess hair that might shed and mess up your home, plus be a source of allergies. This Double Sided Brush makes brushing their fur much easier as on one side is a bristle brush and the other side is a pin brush.  Flip it over so you can choose what to use for your cat to have a more beautiful and shinier coat. 

GripSoft Wood Grooming Tool - Double Sided BrushIt will gently untangle any knots and smooths out all those frizzy hair parts and after brushing your feline pet, you will be amazed on how wonderfully soft their fur has become. Brushing a cat’s fur regularly will help their natural oils come out.  If you have a Ragdoll cat or a breed that has long hair, using the GripSoft Wood Grooming Tool Double Sided Brush will make their grooming experience much more pleasant. Choose cat grooming products that will last you for years and one that you can use brush your cat with ease because of the kind of grip it has. 

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