Great Entertainment for You and Your Cat from Two To Tango

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 Ware Manufacturing Remote Control Action Toy Most Ragdoll books say that if you can get your cat’s attention with a particular toy it will play with it continuously, and what better way to grab your cat’s attention than with constantly moving feathers?

All cats love feathers because of their natural instinct to hunt birds, but with most feather cat toys you have to manually make the feathers move to simulate a bird. This remote control fun toy however allows you to sit back in comfort while your Ragdoll tries to catch its prey.

Admittedly you don’t have total control of the feathers, but by pressing the button on the remote control the feathers move and twitch with a random motion. This means your cat is kept on-guard for the next movement and even you don’t know which direction it’s going to go in.

The toy itself isn’t that big but if you’re buying cat toys online then you don’t want them to cost the earth to post. According to the reviews, it’s compactness doesn’t mean it can’t stand up to a bit of a beating from a larger cat though, so Ragdolls should have just as much fun as any other breed.


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