Great Catit Design Toys for Bored Cats

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Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, OriginalCatit Design by Hagen is a brand providing cat products that will not disappoint even the pickiest of cat owners. This brand offers a variety of toys and scratching devices. One of these toys is the Senses Play Circuit, Original. This toy includes a track design with four different tracks that give your cat the sense that he or she is hunting and exploring as the device pulls a ball through it while making noises to catch and keep your cat's attention. This type of toy will engage even the most docile of cats and satisfy the hunting instincts of more aggressive cats. If your cat gets bored of it after a while, there is also the option to buy additional tracks to switch up the design a bit. At such a reasonable price, it is hard to beat this kind of entertainment for your little buddy.

Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad Catit Design has other discount cat toys like their Senses Scratch Pad. This toy features a circular, durable design that massages your cat's pressure points on his or her paws when they scratch on it. If you have a cat who shuns normal scratching posts, this would be a great toy to try out. The scratch pad has tiny holes in it where cat snacks can be placed. The product's company itself advises adding catnip and/or other treats to these holes to further entice your pet and will, yet again, fulfill the hunting needs of most cats. When purchasing the scratch pad, the company includes free catnip in the package.


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