Grand PooBox Modern-Style Covered Litter Box Kickstarter Campaign

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Grand PooBox Modern-Style Covered Litter Box Kickstarter Campaign

Grand PooBox Modern-Style Covered Litter Box Kickstarter CampaignThe Grand PooBox is a modern-style covered cat litterbox that combines contemporary design with modern convenience. Inventor, Courtney, was sick of litterboxes that were aesthetically ugly and also ones that didn’t stop the litter tracking all over her home. So she set out to create a covered litterbox that is not only good-looking, but also functional.

Now, many of you know I am not, in general, a fan of hooded litterboxes – most cat owners aren’t aware of the stench a hooded litterbox has for a cat (much like us using a port-a-potty). My mom had hooded litterboxes for Rags – but she kept them crazy clean. If you keep them crazy clean (i.e., scoop litter often, wipe down insides of the box and replace carbon filters, etc), then a hooded litterbox can work.

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With the modern design of this one – I would think you’d have to keep it crazy clean for it look good in your home! I also love the concept Courtney chose for the litter tracking before they leave the litterbox – reminds me of the Blackhole litter mats we have.

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Making a product out of plastic can be an expensive endeavor.  I used to work for a roofing manufacturing company and the molds they used to make their shingles costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.  So I was not surprised when I read that Courtney has to fund those as well.  So to help bring her product to market, Courtney chose to run a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds.  She has fun photos and more on her campaign page, explaining what it will take to bring the product to market.  Her video tells you more about this sleek litterbox:

Kickstarter Campaigns allow you to help fund the project in any way that you can.  Courtney has rewards starting at just $5 – up to $115 or more.  You can check out the rewards on the campaign site here.

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I do think the Grand PooBox is too small for large breed cats – but I also know we have a lot of readers who do not have a large breed cat or who have friends that might like this box, so I wanted to share.  And Courtney hopes to make a larger version for larger kitties, if she can get this project funded.

If you want to check out the Grand PooBox’s Kickstarter Campaign, you can so via the link below:

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2 thoughts on “Grand PooBox Modern-Style Covered Litter Box Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Very interesting post, Jenny! I’m a convert to the open litterbox method once we got Miss Pink Sugarbelle back in 2013, as I never realized how smelly the covered litterboxes must have been to all the beloved kittehs I’ve had in the past!

    Wishing Courtney lots of luck with her new product and kickstarter campaign!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Nice concept. I like the fact that it doesn’t entirely look (and feel maybe to a kitty) like it is totally closed in like the others do. The biggest thing I have to consider is that all of the plastics used in the past, even for liter boxes, don’t really last that long until the plastic itself becomes porous from keeping it crazy clean and it begins to take on the urine smell regardless of what is done. The toughest plastic I’ve found in the Rubermaid Tough boxes are the best so far at repeling urine and smell, but have to be replaced every 6 months. I couldn’t afford to get one because of this. Agree with you too about the size not being large enough to handle big Ragdolls, but think that other kitties would fine it enticing. Hope that it gets funded because it would be beautiful in someone’s home while serving their kitties well.

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