Gracie – Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho

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Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho
Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho

Gracie is a sweet purebred Ragdoll girl of almost 8 years young she is losing her Mom due to family issues and no fault of her own. She is said to be good with cats and dogs but not too happy being around small children.

She is a spayed and healthy small sized 8 lb. Ragdoll seal mitted in color with lovely blue eyes of course!

Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho
Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho

Her new family will need to get her up to date on her shots unless the rescue ends up having to send her to a foster home then that will get done prior to adoption.

Ragdoll Rescue NW will be the initial contact for Gracie so we will be screening the adopters for her to make sure she gets a wonderful safe home.

Our Preliminary screening application is the first place to start and is located here :

We do not ship cats nor are we willing to transport them long distances usually. She is located in Athol, ID this is near Spokane WA so we will be looking for adopters or foster home applicants within a few hours driving distance from Gracie.

Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho
Gracie - Ragdoll Rescue in Athol Idaho

We are also always happy to answer questions via email at or by phone 503-339-0875 ask for Sharla

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  1. I have 2 beautiful Ragdoll cats.They are 13 years old and in good health. My mother just passed away and I need to find them a home where they can stay together. Please call if you are able to help me find them a loving home.
    Thank You

    1. Hello,

      I am sorry to hear about the passing of your mother.

      Please feel free to post your information as well as a photo of your kitties here:
      Be sure to include a description of the cat with a reason for the rehoming as well as your contact information – age of the cat, whether or not s/he is declawed, neutered, etc. all helps.

      Here is an example of a posting:
      Once the kitty is adopted, we can remove your contact information from the site. The site gets about 10,000 visitors a month and Ragdoll Rescue is one of the biggest pages hit.

      I have helped adopt out several Ragdoll rescues through my site.


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