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Hello! This is my Ragdoll, Gracie. I got her when she was only 6 weeks old. We reused her from a local shelter. She was in a group of about 5 other kittens. But they were all Tabbies, and the shelter said she was part of them. But she was clearly not. She looked like a Siamese. It wasn’t until, 2 weeks later that we figured out for sure that she was a Ragdoll.

Her background story was not clear at all to anyone. All we knew when we choice her, was that she came in other 5 other kittens, no mom and covered head to paw in flees! She was so small and weak, it was terrible seeing her like that! But the second I saw


her, I knew she was the kitten for me. She was adorable. She was white, but had a faint color, which are now all darkened. She had HUGE blue eyes. Adorable.

When we got her, my family and I had never heard of a “Ragdoll”.  So the breed was new to us. We had three other cats at the time. Which we still have, but we have added two more. So in other words, we were not new time cat owners. We had never really researched a cat breed before we got them. With all our cats, we have rescued. Most of them were at the moment thing. Like, 3 of the 5 cats we have, we got because they were going to be put down the next hour or two, or the next day. So we are these cats angels. 🙂 Gracie today is now 6 years old. We do not know for sure when her birthday is, were guessing it’s sometime in April. We have had her just about her whole life. 🙂


Gracie is one special cat. She loves to just follow me around. She doesn’t do much at all. But if I go to one room, she follows. If I close a door, she will sit there and cry until I let her in. She spends just about all her time with me! Lying by me, on me or even on my head! Haha. When it’s winter, she will paw at my blanket until I open it, and she will run in and lay on my feet. It keeps her warm, and oh my gosh me too! She’s a personal feet warmer. Like they say, ragdolls tend to keep to one person, and I’m very lucky that I’m that person she has chosen. She’s my girl. My big fat fluff ball of love.

Gracie, got her name from the “G”. Our other cats had names Giddy, and Gary at the time, so we decided to keep the G thing going. Even


though her name is Gracie, we don’t call her it that often. She has many nick names. Her main nick name is Diva, because she is one! She is spoiled rotten! And when you see her, she looks at you like she knows she’s special. We also call her Fatso, because of her large size. Mostly we just tend to keep calling her Gracie and Diva. But she responds to either one. And comes running over meowing.

Gracie, has these random energy blast (especially after a good cat nap), in which she reacts to any movement by jumping in


the air and attacking her cat tree. Her cat tree is her life. She sleeps there, escapes from our dog there, and when she gets excited she will climb it fast. I really recommend a cat tree, I don’t know if Gracie is the only ragdoll that gets random blast of energy, but if she’s not the only one, I recommend you get one. 😉 Another thing I recommend is to get a laser pointer! It gets her moving and excited. It’s a blast to watch and for her to do! Also, I sometimes take her outside, on my dogs old puppy collars that fit her. I just sit down and she sits with me and watches birds, squirrels, bugs and things as I read.

Thanks for reading. 🙂 ~Jessica and Gracie


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5 thoughts on “Gracie – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Lynn says:

    Gracie is so beautiful and looks like she has a wonderful life, along with her kitty friends. Thanks for rescuing a life and sharing this happy story.

  2. Teresa says:

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. Gracie is a lovely lady and am so happy you rescued her. You are very lucky that she chose and bonded to you. Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

  3. Beth says:

    Gracie is gorgeous and her “tuxie” friend is handsome, too!
    You really are their angel 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pictures and story!!!

  4. Betty says:

    Thanks for sharing Gracie’s story. She’s a lucky girl. I love all the raggie belly poses ~ she is beautiful and does not look fat at all. I used to walk my Andy Boy on a cat harness & leash to a nearby park when he was a little guy. He used to love to run & climb the trees. Now going on walks makes him nervous but he does still like to sit outside with me (and roll in the dirt – him, not me).

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