Grace’s Travel Story

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Mink Ragdoll KittenHi, I'm Grace, a 7-month-old Ragdoll cat, or as my mom calls me, Sweet Baby Grace. A while back (June 2012), my mom started acting all jumpy and hurried around grabbing up all her clothes. She brought out a big box. I thought that was really fun and got to hide under there (Here's my photo). I got inside it too and rolled around, threw my toys in there, made a hideout jumping on my big sister, Mari. I got even more hugs and kisses than usual, if that is possible. Knew something was up because my big sister, Mari, (Mari Po Bitch), as my parents call her, was walking around with a low growl and occasional hiss. My Mom and Dad packed that bag full, hugged and kissed me again with tears in her eyes. Then they left. I cried and cried because when my Mom leaves me in a room by myself, I start to wail as loud as I can (it is really a tiny scratchy little meeee…oowwww). So, I cried and cried with my most pitiful voice that usually brings her running, but they didn't come back even when it was dark. Thank goodness my big sister came in to see what in the world was wrong with me, and then turned around and left me all alone. Finally I settled down and waited. and went to sleep. Some new person came and fed us twice a day, but it wasn't with the love my Mom gives me. It seemed like a very very very long time, but they just came back and I am sooooo happy. I made sure to kiss her all over her face with my rough little tongue and hug her and jump up and down and roll around with my catnip mouse, to make her know just how much I missed her. She said she has never been kissed or loved so much by a kitty. She said I was the sweetest baby cat she ever had and guess I'm just a little spoiled 'cause she let me play in that big box now that it's all empty again and back in that big dark space. She brought me a dress and a mexican hat! Oh Lord, am I going to have to model that? Wonder what she'll bring me next time? "Till then! "I'm Sweet Baby Grace"

Kitty's Name: Grace
Name: Teresa


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