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P1020460 (480x640)Christmas Day was coming to an end, the family visited in the morning, Mum and Dad had had Christmas Lunch with us and we had watched the Queen at 3.00 p.m. The two of us were settling down to watch the Christmas Special of Downton Abbey and George sprang to life. With a loud ‘Meow’ and a jump into the toy box, it was time to play. I looked at my husband, Kevin, and said ‘how did we become parents again at 62 years old?’

Rewind twelve weeks and we had lost of beloved black and white cat ‘Sharkey’ (named after the local rugby team!) of a throat tumour. We had a decision is make ‘do we get another cat?’ Kevin said ‘the place is not the same without a cat, yes we do!’

P1020451 (640x480) (2) (640x480)Well here was the dilemma 62 years old and about to retire, and we had already bought a Touring Caravan to spend a few trips away in the coming years. It would be wrong to get a cat and leave it for our neighbour, Allan to feed and look after. The decision was made to find a cat we could take away with us, a house cat or even a caravan cat!

P1020458 (480x640) (2) (480x640)After much research we decided a Ragdoll fitted our requirements and started looking in the local paper and on the internet. I hit the website pets4homes and there were lots of kittens but we thought the prices a little bit steep. Just a week later there appeared an advert for a two year old, un-neutered male. The reason for the sale was the owner was relocating to a job in another part of England. I tried to telephone but the number did not work, I duly emailed ‘Julie’ and was told that she had a lovely boy ‘Jeddy’ who had not been in contact with other cats, dogs or children.

After a couple of emails ‘Jeddy’ was delivered to our house by her son who just said it was his Mum’s cat and did not know anything about the cat. Well this thin, moulting cat came of the cat carrier and was all over us like a ‘rash’! We fell in love and duly paid £100 and off he went.

P1020442 (640x480)Next day we realised ‘Jeddy’ was a sick Ragdoll, thin, diarrhea, vomiting, flatulent, gum problems, sneezing and coughing. Monday he was taken to the vets and diagnosed with incurable Cat Flu! A shot of antibiotic and another of steroids and most of the other problems cleared up. But, the Vet seemed to miss the coffee like granules in his ears – ear-mites and scabs at the back of the ears. Just a few doses of drops and we got rid of them little blighters!

P1020430 (640x480)After much good food George (renamed after both our grandfathers) has gone from 6.6lbs to 8.5lbs. The Cat Flu symptoms have gone into remission and as long has George is kept stress free the Cat Flu will be no problem. His face is washed every day because he gets ‘sleepy’ bits in his eye corners, but like any little boy, he runs away as soon as he sees those cotton balls! We had him neutered, and he did not even notice that certain parts of him were missing, bless! The only problem left is scabs at the back of his ears from the ear mites. We diligently apply cream from the vets, but those big old claws can hack a chunk of flesh out pretty quickly. We clap our hands when that big rear foot comes up to have a scratch, he looks at us most bewildered.

Gorgeous George is lovely, calm, beautiful Ragdoll. We take him on visits to various friends and relatives so he can get used to traveling with us next Summer. He goes out into the garden on harness and lead, George sniffs at the grass and plants or just sits on the path sniffing the air!

George loves to play with fluffy balls, rolled up bits of paper, play football (think he could be the next striker for England!).
So finally my question to you is ‘Did we buy a Ragdoll?’ or ‘Did we rescue a Ragdoll?’

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Well, he certainly has the right name doesn’t he! He’s gorgeous.

  2. George is indeed gorgeous. Loved you post and I am sending huge congratulations to George and his new “parents”.

  3. supervisorsue says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. We have never thought about what kind of Ragdoll George is! The vet confirmed he is 2 years old (something they, the previous owner did not lie about) His colour on his face has darkened since he came to us, and there is some brown colour coming through on his legs. His paws are really bright white. It’s over to your folks to tell us haha x

    We also think they chopped the hair off the end of his tail, probably because it was matted. The dog groomer who cut his nails thinks it has a blunt cut across the top and you can feel the end of the tail near the top. We seriously think George was never a pet but came from a bad breeder. He may even have been the ‘runt’ of the litter, because he never comes straight away for his food, in fact he eats through the night!

    1. Oh boy, Sue. You are going to have such fun watching George develop over the next few years! Takes lots of photos and keep them handy for comparison. Keep us all updated on him. I am so glad you 3 have all found each other.

  4. What a lucky boy George is and you did rescue the poor kitty from neglect, I seem to think George is a Lilac pointed Raggie as he’s the same colouring as my girl who is a Lilac bi-colour at just over 2 years old. Hope you have many happy years together, Ragdolls are the best.

  5. Very sorry about your sweet Sharkey.. So happy you decided to share your live again with another kitty. George is magnificent!!!! Just adorable how he poses for the camera in all his Christmas finery. Thank you so much for sharing you story and hope that all 3 of you have a wonderful time on your upcoming travels in your retirement. My husband and I have thought of doing that someday. Let us know how it turns out and how George likes touring the countryside with you.

  6. Without a doubt, you two swooped in and saved the day by rescuing darling George! (It’s no wonder his former “owner” had someone else deliver him to you; she had to realize her own treatment of him–or lack thereof!–had been most shoddy.) I agree that George will be bonded to you more closely than ever, now that he knows he’s safe and adored. 🙂

    If he’s only two years old, as you were told, he may well have some growing yet to do, too! (Unless the lighting in the photos is way off, he looks like a blue, mitted, to me.) Gorgeous George, indeed… and very lucky parents, to have such a dear boy. 🙂

  7. What a wonderful story! So nice how Gorgeous George came to be yours. Happy travels with him. : )

  8. Pat Duerksen says:

    Loved your story and loved seeing your Gorgeous George….indeed, YOU guys rescued him! George is such a beautiful kitty, do you know if he’s Flamepoint or Red Ragdoll? Bless you as you enjoy retirement and travels with George!

  9. I do believe you rescued dear George. What a lucky kitty. I am sure he is going to make a lovely travel companion

  10. George is gorgeous! He is rescued – twice – and you can be certain he knows it. You will forever be his hero. Rescued pets never forget. What a wonderful story. I hope the three of you have wonderful adventures and lots of laughter traveling around together. Thank you for sharing.

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