Go Green with Organic Catnip from the Cascade Mountains

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Sojos Certified Organic CatnipDoes it ever seem like your cat is living in the sixties? One minute they are running around bouncing over and on everything in the house and the next minute you might find your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll just kind of chilling on their backs all four legs out. Do not be alarmed, they are not having a flashback.

Cats on catnip is pretty hilarious – did you know that catnip is a herb from the mint family? The scientific name is Nepeta cataria. It can be found readily in the United States and as a plus cat nip is useful as a tea for humans. Believe it or not it can ease a toothache, help as a sleep aid and help against coughs.

Science is not sure exactly why it works. But as you observe your cat on cat nip there is no doubt that it certainly does have an impact on their behavior. The foremost use for cat nip is of course motivating a idle cat to get up and start moving around. Exercise is very important for the health of your cat, and this is just the thing to get him going.

A handy fact about catnip is that it is one cat product you can grow yourself in the back yard, thus always having a supply. If you do want to order some, try this catnip grown organically in the Cascade Mountains.

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