Giveaway Winner Reports Back: SmartCat Bootsie’s Corner Cat Scratcher

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Olly and her cats won one of thePioneer Pet Smart Cat Bootsies Corner Cat Scratchers that was a giveaway on the site in May.

I freakin’ love when a reader wins a giveaway and then takes the time to report back how their kitties like it – I have seen this product in person, but have not personally tested it, so I wanted to know how kitties responded.  Thanks to Olly, we all get to know!

Pioneer Pet Smart Cat Bootsies Corner Cat Scratcher

Olly wrote in and said,

“I’m just realizing my original thank you email never went through. I’m sorry this was suppose to get through to you weeks ago.  The scratching post has been a delight with the cats!

One of my cats had a splint around her leg for a month due to a fractured tibia, so her muscle was weakened a lot. After getting the splint off she was walking around using 3 legs. Same week we got the prize is the same week her cast came off and her birthday! The post has motivated her to ‘stand’ more, stretching out her legs and forcing her to get use to using the leg again.

Thank you so much again! I will be tagging @thefloppycats in some posts on Instagram soon!”

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