Get One of the First Litterfish Designer Litterboxes

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IOVO designs has come up with the cutest litterboxes ever. For a limited time they are being offered at a huge Original Litterfishdiscount to customers that preorder them to get the first set of these designer boxes into the manufacturing stage. After these preorders have gone out they will be available on the shelves of petstores for at least 15% more. This special price is only for the first 1000 customers who help make these boxes into a reality.

What is really great about this is that if at any time someone decides they have been waiting too long or that they need the money for a new transmission, they can get a refund of both the box price AND the shipping charge as long as the boxes have not reached the 1000 mark. After that of course, they will have went into production.

Check out this really cute design and feel free to browse the site or contact the owner with any questions. There is a really great FAQ section. This could really be a great product if the slots sell fast to get it off the ground.


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