Get Customizable Cat and Kitty Facebook Covers at Foob

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FoobAre you on Facebook?  You may have noticed that now you can have two photos on your profile page on their new Timeline format – but sometimes figuring out how to get the size just right can be frustrating.  At the same time, it can be fun to stand out in the crowd and really customize your profile to make it your own brand.  What really defines you and what you're all about?

Did you know that you can buy Facebook cover photos or even get free ones?  In 5-6 weeks, Foob will announce many free customizable Facebook cover photos that you can choose from.  Just imagine the possibilities you can put together of your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat.

However, they have several right now that you can buy for just $4.99/each.

What is your favorite cat or kitty Facebook cover on Foob?  What about your favorite Facebook cover of all time?  Do you have a favorite one of a bicolor Ragdoll?  Why?

You may consider following Foob on Twitter and tweeting with other Foob users to see what their favorite Facebook cover photos are that include Ragdoll cat pictures.


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