German Shepherd Rescue Kansas City – 3-Year Old Marley

Post Published on October 25, 2011 | Last Updated on October 20, 2015 by Jenny


Meet Marley. Marley is a 3-year old German Shepherd.  Marley is the reason why there is no product review today.  Marley is my brother’s family’s dog and we are looking for a home for him.


Marley needs a structured environment.  My brother’s family needs to rehome him because Marley has “nipped” people while protecting his family. They are not able to keep them in their home as a result.

He has been professionally trained (please see YouTube video), and I have spoken with the trainer at length and he believes that Marley can thrive in a structured environment. The trainer says he gets along with other dogs and cats.

marleyThe trainer suggested that he be in a home with no children or children over the age of 16. Marley has been with my 2-year old nephew and has never harmed him – it’s just the lack of controlled structure that friends of kids could bring that worries the trainer.

I also spoke with Holly Jacobs, an animal communicator, last week with Marley. She said:

  • he wants a big yard to patrol
  • he likes going places with his person
  • he wants a place where he can flat out run
  • he is very serious for his young age
  • he’s very smart, likes to study things and read people
  • a search a rescue job is very important for him
  • marley is a working dog and needs to work

We took Marley out to Gladstone, MO for professional dog trainer, Eric Gilbert, to evaluate him for search and rescue, here’s what Eric had to say about Mr. Marley,

“I met Marley tonight at the facility I train at on Mondays. He was aloof and kept going behind his handler. Even with his favorite toy he would not tug or fetch. Marley was overwhelmed with being outside, I never brought him into the dog facility. Nice dog, but I think he does not have the confidence to work as a scent dog. Even after about 20 minutes he would take a liver treat if it dropped on the ground, but not from my hand. Marley never attempted any play and was still uncomfortable at the end. Looking away, staying behind his owner, lip licking, panting etc. He’s a good dog, but more of a pet not a working dog. I know the trainer they sent him to, and he agreed the dog should not be put down. It sounds like the dog was resource guarding the two year old in the house. The relatives have not had any issues with him and I will try to help them find a home for him.”

Marley on floor
Marley on the floor

Marley Fun Facts:

    • From his breeder, “The hips of his great grandfather on his mother’s size were OFA clear – he was a Schutzhund dog – that is the only dog in his recent background who has been x-rayed for hip dysplasia- we have never had any hip problems with any of our dogs over the past 15 years.”
    • Marley can get along with other dogs and cats, if introduced to them properly – please see a photo of Marley with my mom’s Napa below
Marley with Napa
Marley with Napa
Napa Tucker Marley
Napa Tucker Marley
Napa Tucker Marley
Napa Tucker Marley
Marley, Napa and Tucker
Marley, Napa and Tucker (Napa and Tucker belong to my mom)
  • Breeders of Marley are Lynda and Brad Stock – Jasper, MO
  • He is microchipped
  • He does not try to jump fences or dig to escape a yard
  • He is crate trained
  • Marley is fed 2x day in the kitchen
  • He eats Royal Canin German Shepherd version
  • Marley loves to swim – see below
Marley swimming as a puppy
Marley swimming as a puppy
Marley swimming as a puppy
Marley swimming as a puppy
Marley swimming as a puppy
Marley swimming as a puppy

I am not very connected in the dog world, so that’s why I am reaching out for help. It is really important to me that he finds the right home.

You can tell from the YouTube video that he is a true sweetheart, but needs to be with someone that really knows how to be in charge of dogs.



Marley loves car rides with his owner
Marley loves car rides with his owner

P.S. Floppycats will (unfortunately) be on the back burner until a home is found for Mr. Marley

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15 thoughts on “German Shepherd Rescue Kansas City – 3-Year Old Marley

  1. Donna says:

    I do not have a issue to a donation to a animal group that saves dogs, I just do not have 200. to donated to them. I understand the confusion, sorry. My husband and I have even set up a % of our life insurance to go to ASPA.

  2. Donna says:

    I would love to have Marley but being retired do not have the 200.00 could only spare 100.00 from my limited funds. I live in the country down by Truman Lake, have a cabin on 6 acres. I also have a resure mini doxie that I adopted she was going to be a bait dog for fighting pit bulls, have had her for 3 years now, at first she would bark and nip at everyone inliding me, and my family, but with time and lots of love she is now at my side day and night, she still barks at stranges but no longer tries to bite them.
    Marley would have a loving home with me and lots of attention

  3. Amy@GoPetFriendly says:

    You may want to connect with a German Shepherd rescue if there is one in your area. I’m just thinking that a person looking for a Shepherd might reach out to them and they could help find a good fit for Marley. Good luck!

    • Jenny says:

      keep praying…i’ve heard so many horror stories (like dogs being “adopted” only later to be sold to research facilities and also dogs being “adopted” for bait for fighting dogs) – so my adoption process has gotten stricter!

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