George – Ragdoll of the Week

George – A Bluepoint Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll of the week Editor’s Note: You might remember George from this post: Benadryl and Cats Side Effects: One Ragdoll Cat Owner’s Nightmare

Hello there. My name is “George” and an angel sent me from Heaven on 11/11/12. I am almost full grown now but still have a few more months to really fill in my 19 # handsome fuzzy body. My birth certificate says: “Georgy Porgy Puddin’ Pie”, but I have a lot of nicknames. Some of them are” puddin pop “, pumpkin pie”, Georgy etc. I am a blue point Rag. My forever parents from Pittsburgh PA brought me home from “Hollywood Ragdolls” in WV. Hollywood Ragdolls was a wonderful place with a lovely family and environment. I was brought up there with lots of furry cousins, aunts, uncles and two sisters. My forever parents did a LOT of research and screening before finding me. (They had a few bad experiences in the past with not so nice Rag breeders with two other Ragdoll kitties’ years ago) The nice lady at Hollywood was a writer and loved movies, so myself and all my past littermates were named after movies, Because I was born around the Holidays, my little family was named after “It’s a wonderful life”. So I was named after the main character “George” and my sisters were “ZuZu” and “Mary”. As you will probably agree, I do look like a “George” and also earned the name “Goofy George” My forever Mommy and Daddy kept Ragdoll of the week my name George, (good thing cause I was not planning on answering to any thing else!)

When I asked my Mommy why she wanted a Ragdoll, she told me that a long time ago, she did a lot of research on kitties and wanted a big fuzzy floppy long hair kitty with a special personality, and the Ragdoll/Ragamuffin fit the bill!

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5When my parents brought me home from WV, I screamed and meowed the entire trip (five hours)…. So as you can guess…I am a talker…I also like to scream for no reason just to see who is paying attention…it took a while for mommy and daddy to not get scared when I scream…..I can even say “Hello” in human words. When I got to my new home, I was a bit surprised to find another cat living there. How dare they! His name was Simon and he was a nine year old Ragamuffin (26#), but I was not afraid of him and the second that I was allowed out on my own, I let him know! I tormented him every chance I could. He tolerated it even though he was a little older than I was. Simon and I were blessed to spend almost a year together before he got sick with renal failure and went to the Rainbow Bridge…I miss my buddy Simon and pray for him all the time. Since I am an only child now I am also a “Mommy’s boy”. I follow Mom around any chance I can (I mean I love Daddy and like playing with him and taking naps, but Mommy is my & doing her hair.

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5When I was little, I used to try and shut doors, so my parents had to put door stops on all the doors, and NO ONE is ever allowed to shut me out of room, period. I enjoy being petted, getting belly rubs, and being brushed. I am an excellent alarm clock and rarely will I allow anyone to sleep past the normal wake up time. I also know that everyday after dinner, I am guaranteed my special playtime. My favorite toy is the faux-feather on a pole, or the mouse, I just love chasing it and doing flips…then when I have had enough, I like to lazy play. I lay on my back and just bat the toy around. I also have other furniture that is mine: two figure eight stands (Pet Fusion Ultimate lounger) and a couple of the S style perches (Smarty cat scroll)…I barely fit in one now but still love it! My other favorite things are tunnels. Right now I have two tunnels; one really big one from “Love Pets”, and one normal sized tunnel. Made by “Jackson Galaxy” I also use them for naps. I have heard Mom say that she keeps a “stash” of tunnels hidden away cause I also like to chew on things and bite things, so things get replaced frequently. Not sure why I chew on stuff. Probably, just cause I can! Lol

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5I have special meows for every occasion, and Mommy can normally figure out what I am trying to say. Whether it is hunger, pain, constipation, joy, love or just a meow or scream for the fun of it!

My regular routine: make sure everyone is up, get a drink at the bathroom sink, scream and meow for no particular reason, help everyone get their shoes on, kiss everyone good bye, and then I usually go under the bed and look out the window and nap. Wait for someone to get home…. (Not sure where they go, but sounds like a place that is not fun called work.) Then after someone gets home, I scream some more, get my treat food and wait for dinner, then play time! Yeah!

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5After play time and a few snacks, I normal curl upon my kitty stand in the living room and nap, I have three kitty stands…. My favorite is the one in he Living room, I have three stands so that I can do what I do best in several rooms…sit and look pretty! I have a lot of windows and doors to look outside and watch all the wildlife that comes by to visit me…I have even watched other kitties out there! Personally I think it is a BAD idea for any kitty to be outside on their own…There is a lot of stuff out there that could hurt us, like cars, raccoons, other cats and animals! I feel safer on this side of door or window, where I can stay warm, dry cool and clean! OMG I would have a fit if I got dirt on my pretty fur! Speaking of staying warm and cool…another thing I do…lay on top of the register vents….hey it feels good man!!

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5I also enjoy watching TV, especially if a pretty lady is on the TV. I am a little shy around people I do not know now that I am older. Now my dislikes: the cage (dog carrier) when they take me to the Vet, daddy sneezing (its ok if Mommy sneezes), e-collars (I call them lamp-shades), and being left alone. I think you have all been able to conclude: I am a very spoiled kitty! So spoiled that I will not let my parents go on a vacation. I think its cause I have been through so much (many ER visits)…I had kitty bladder stones when I was real little, so I got a special food for that. My parents were also concerned that I was not drinking enough, so they bought me custom made ceramic battery operated fountain so that I would drink more water. Unfortunately that food made me itchy a year later and I gave my parents a scare when I scratched myself and cause a boo boo…So a really special food for that issue…then you all probably know the story when I reacted to an injection! What is so odd is that my parents are so particular about everything, especially when it comes to me, that none of things really should have happened.

I am guessing that is why I chose them to be my Mommy and Daddy…. I knew that they would be the ones to take of all my special needs and me.

Thank you for reading my story, and thank you for taking care of all the furry babies out there, especially the ones that need extra special TLC. We all count on you guys to take care of us…thank you!

Purrs, hugs and love…George

George - Ragdoll Cat of the Week 5


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  1. Oh my GOSH, thank you for making my HEART EXPLODE (in the best possible way) tonight! What a precious little Georgie buns! My sweet boy, who I lost after almost 17 years, two years ago, was also named Georgie. He was also the most handsome, yet sensitive little fur baby. I loved this post. What a beautiful boy and what a jolly little soul he is!

  2. George, you are a superstar and a terrific writer, too! 🙂 Love you, your pictures and your story!

  3. Georgy Porgy Puddin’ Pie! Well, well, well…I have fallen in lurve with your adorable, playful, very opinionated, talkative and screamin’ GORGEOUS GEORGE boy!!! What a character and how very lucky he is to have such a wonderful, loving and caring family!

    All of you have been through so much together and I am so happy that Mr. Georgie Man is all better now and back to his old, awesome ways. What a purrsonality he has! Very charming and so quirky with his scream sessions. I bet the first time he did that it scared the living daylights out of everyone! What a hoot and a half he is!

    I’m so glad you shared George’s Love Story with us! Thank you so much!

    Wishing all of you many, many years of happiness, good health, love and many adventures together!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. Teresa Reid says:

    Love your wonderful story George! You have a dream home with parents who love you so very very much! You are so beautiful! Wishing you and your parents a very long and happy life together. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.♥♥♥♥

  5. I forgot to mention..The”hand-made” battery operated ceramic fountain was custom made by “EBI fountains”…highly recommended by “George” )))

  6. Patricia McDermott says:

    omg what a delightful story and what a beautiful boy George is! thanks for sharing with us.

  7. ABarletta says:

    George is gorgeous! He sounds like a real lover-boy and character. Has you guys wrapped around his paws for sure! And that is how it should be. Enjoy your special fur baby. He is very lucky to have you as parents.

  8. Oh my goodness, George- “It’s A Wonderful Life” certainly applies to you, doesn’t it? You sure are a beautiful boy. I hope you get a break from the health issues after all you’ve been through, but thank goodness you have wonderful parents to make sure you are okay! I love the description of your typical day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us!


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