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Gary, a Mink Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Cat
Gary, a Mink Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Cat

We purchased Gary and Minou in March from RaggleRock Ragdolls.  Irene is an incredible breeder.  She truly cares about the breed and only has every kitten’s best interest at heart.  We would recommend her to anyone wanting a quality Ragdoll.

I had been looking into the Ragdoll breed for a few years now.  Our family had two domestic short hairs for almost 14 years that were brother and sister.  I knew when it was time to get new additions to our family, we needed a special type of cat.

Minou - a Mink Seal Point Ragdoll
Minou – a Mink Seal Point Ragdoll

The Ragdoll intrigued me not only because of it’s stunning good looks, but also it’s temperment.  It seemed to fit with us, and our lifestyle.  With two children, ages 4 and 6, temperment was first and foremost in our thoughts.  Well, our two cats finally passed away within months of eachother, but we thought we would wait on the kittens until our senior Cocker Spaniel (age 12) had passed on as well.  We didn’t want to make things too hard on her.  But, one evening, my husband and I were in our rec room and caught two young mice in our basement.  That kinda sealed the deal.


The next day, we spent the entire day on the Internet and on the phone looking for our Ragdolls.  My husband came across the Ragglerock website and fell in love with pictures of two Mink Ragdoll kittens pictured there.  We spoke to Irene, and she was wonderful.  The next day, my husband packed our son in the car, and drove about 3 hours there and back.  Well, concerning the mice, we found out the next day on the Internet that Ragdolls don’t make the best mousers because of their loving and gentle natures.  Oh well, we were in love, and figured we could handle the mouse hunter status.

We named the girl Minou.  It’s a French informal word for kitten or cat.


The boy is Gary (think Spongebob).  With two young children, it was bound to happen I guess.  We couldn’t convince them otherwise.  Gary and Minou were born on October 22, 2009.  Minou is a Mink Seal Point, and Gary is a Mink Seal Point Mitted.  It took them a few days to come out of their shell.  Minou was the first, and she is just a love sponge.  She has a cute squeeky voice, and we’ve learned to distiguish her calls.  There’s the “Where’s My Brother?”, the “I need loving NOW”, and “FEED ME!”.  Gary took a bit longer, but now he’s just as loving as his sister.  He’s developed a 5 a.m. love time, which is really hard to discourage, as he’s so cute about the whole thing.  They also love to play “Blanket Monster” and try and kill our feet under the blankets in bed.

Currently, their favorite toys are a stuffed duck on a long string.  The kids have named it “Wonder Duck”.  Gary has adopted a large wood flower from my daughter’s beading kit.  He carries it everywhere!  Minou loves a toy that has several feathers on the end of a stick.

Currently, their food is “Taste of the Wild“.  Their breeder recommended it, and we have kept them on it.  It is a really high-quality all-natural kibble, and they seem to love it.  We also supplement with Wellness Grain Free Kitten canned food.  We use “World’s Best Cat Litter“.  It is made of corn.  Irene uses it for her Ragdolls.  It is a wonderful product, and I would recommend it.  The absorbency is amazing, we never have to scrape urine from the bottom of their litter boxes.

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