Gabrielle’s Story – A Ragdoll Cat

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Ragdoll CatGabby entered our lives about 9 years ago. We had visited the local grocery store and upon our exit saw two teenagers with tiny kittens in a grocery cart. They said they were giving them away and they needed a home. There were 5 tiny kittens in that basket – it was so hard to walk away with only one. All we knew at that time was this little female was all white with beautiful blue eyes. I held her in one hand on the way home. She was so little she couldn’t even climb a single step on our carpeted stairs. Over time this little girl grew into a beautiful 20lb cat. Gabby follows me everywhere in the house. If I’m in the bathroom, she’s there. In the living room, there she is. She sleeps on my pillow above my head every night. She is the floppy, large, friendly cat that we had no idea she would become that day we brought her home.

Kitty’s Name: Gabrielle (Gabby)
Name: Carol
Where: Kansas City, MO

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