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Funny Lovely CatsWhen you're in a bad mood or just a little bit down, sometimes it is fun to go to YouTube and search around for funy cat videos.  However, sometimes the videos aren't that funny or you always end up seeing the same videos all the time. 

Well, you don't have to search around any longer – there is now a website that collects all different sorts of funny cat videos, so that you only have to go to one spot to view them all.  How wonderful and efficient is that?

Funny Lovely Cats has a range of videos and you can click on the various categories:

  • New – which includes recent uploads
  • Best Of – includes the most popular cat videos
  • Random – includes a random selection of videos

Here are some of the current videos on the site:

You can join Funny Lovely Cats on Facebook and see what other cat lovers are saying about funny cat videos on Funny Lovely Cats.  What are some of your favorite cat videos?


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