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Post Published on March 2, 2014 | Last Updated on March 2, 2014 by Jenny

More than likely you know that Floppycats has a YouTube channel.  We update it regularly and you can subscribe to it here.

Below are funny cat clips that will hopefully help you have a good laugh or a good smile today.  I’d love to add more – so please share in the comments links to cat videos you love on YouTube!

Civilized Cat Wipes Paws After Using Toilet…

Cat Using Toilet & Toilet Paper

A Cat Prepping the Toilet with Toilet Paper and Using It After Too

A Ragdoll Kitten Who Thinks She Is as Big as a Newfie Dog

A ragdoll who washes his/her own tail to dry it.

A Kitten with a Full Grown Ragdoll

Ragdoll Who Communicates With Aliens…

Just Don’t Want to Get My Paws Dirty!

A Ragdoll Spending Almost 4 minutes Watching a Herd of Lionesses on Animal Planet.

Caymus and Murphy Playing

Trigg Playing with a Bottle Cap

Ragdoll Cats Playing – Charlie and Trigg

Please contact us to share funny cat clips that you have found online or simply post it in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Funny Cat Clips

  1. patricia says:

    omgosh! my big black and white watches your videos with me sometimes and he really likes the undercover mouse ones and i was just watching him playing with the orange tabby,”don julio” and he did this huge “chiggy bounce” right over his head!! omg i’m laughing so hard. and of course i had to (in my best jenny dean voice) say ooooooooo big cat, you doing a chiggy sooooooooo fffff reakin!!! cute!! hahaha!!

  2. patricia says:

    those were AWESOME jenny!!i had a cat, a gorgeous tuxedo cat that would use the toilet and the first time i discovered he did, i freaked out. i was living in a 3 bedroom house alone and i woke up one morning and could hear peeing. i thought “oh my god, some dude is in my house” i was terrified actually and i NEVER leave my doors unlocked or my windows and i thought “how in the hell did someone get in here”. i had a knife by the side of my bed and i grabbed it, got up as quietly as i could and went to the door since i could see the bathroom from there. i was so scared i was shaking and i looked around the corner and there was “macgregor” sitting on the pot. of course i almost fell over at that point and was laughing so hard. he always came in the bathroom with me so i guess he just learned it from watching me. my other cat didn’t do it though so i still had to have the litter box but it was pretty cool that one of them did. those videos were hilarious though, i love the orange tabby that would wipe her hands … so cute. the kitten with the big cat was great.. what a tuffy. and of course charlie and trigg, i love seeing them always. thanks for making my monday!!

    • Jenny says:

      oh man – that’s hysterical about macgregor – i love it! i am glad it wasn’t an intruder – that’s one of my worst nightmares!

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