Funny Cat Clips

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More than likely you know that Floppycats has a YouTube channel.  We update it regularly and you can subscribe to it here.

Below are funny cat clips that will hopefully help you have a good laugh or a good smile today.  I’d love to add more – so please share in the comments links to cat videos you love on YouTube!

Civilized Cat Wipes Paws After Using Toilet…

Cat Using Toilet & Toilet Paper

A Cat Prepping the Toilet with Toilet Paper and Using It After Too

A Ragdoll Kitten Who Thinks She Is as Big as a Newfie Dog

A ragdoll who washes his/her own tail to dry it.

A Kitten with a Full Grown Ragdoll

Ragdoll Who Communicates With Aliens…

Just Don’t Want to Get My Paws Dirty!

A Ragdoll Spending Almost 4 minutes Watching a Herd of Lionesses on Animal Planet.

Caymus and Murphy Playing

Trigg Playing with a Bottle Cap

Ragdoll Cats Playing – Charlie and Trigg

Please contact us to share funny cat clips that you have found online or simply post it in the comments section below.

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  1. those were AWESOME jenny!!i had a cat, a gorgeous tuxedo cat that would use the toilet and the first time i discovered he did, i freaked out. i was living in a 3 bedroom house alone and i woke up one morning and could hear peeing. i thought “oh my god, some dude is in my house” i was terrified actually and i NEVER leave my doors unlocked or my windows and i thought “how in the hell did someone get in here”. i had a knife by the side of my bed and i grabbed it, got up as quietly as i could and went to the door since i could see the bathroom from there. i was so scared i was shaking and i looked around the corner and there was “macgregor” sitting on the pot. of course i almost fell over at that point and was laughing so hard. he always came in the bathroom with me so i guess he just learned it from watching me. my other cat didn’t do it though so i still had to have the litter box but it was pretty cool that one of them did. those videos were hilarious though, i love the orange tabby that would wipe her hands … so cute. the kitten with the big cat was great.. what a tuffy. and of course charlie and trigg, i love seeing them always. thanks for making my monday!!

  2. omgosh! my big black and white watches your videos with me sometimes and he really likes the undercover mouse ones and i was just watching him playing with the orange tabby,”don julio” and he did this huge “chiggy bounce” right over his head!! omg i’m laughing so hard. and of course i had to (in my best jenny dean voice) say ooooooooo big cat, you doing a chiggy sooooooooo fffff reakin!!! cute!! hahaha!!

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